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Gun Facts version 3.2 is designed to assist those defending the Constitution of the United States and in particular the Second Amendment.

The goal of Gun Facts is to give you a quick reference guide for use in composing arguments in debates, letters to editors, email to your elected representatives and for statements and correspondence to the media. 

The facts in Gun Facts are painstakingly researched and professionally detailed with all sources and external references noted or included.

In my opinion, Gun Facts is the finest single source document available pertaining to gun ownership and our Second Amendment rights. It dispels the many myths of firearms ownership and gives an objective and factual representation of lawful gun ownership and gun crime in this country. 

Gun Facts is a must read for all citizens, reporters, elected representatives and scholars alike.

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Marvin V. Stenhammar
Director of Operations
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Gun Facts Version 3.2 Appears Courtesy of Mr. Guy Smith

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