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Firearm Caching Information
by [email protected]

The reason for this page is that we have seen a lack of information on this subject and will attempt to provide you with information from our experience and view point.

First: We recommend that you use a surplus military container. These have seals on the ends and a purge valve also. Second best is PVC pipe. We recommend the thick wall white PVC.If this is not available use the regular black pipe. The end caps with gasket seals are best but more costly but seal the best. If you have to use the plain end caps make sure you put pipe cement everywhere as if is very hard to seal  these caps and not have a pin hole leak. Remember if you have a pin hole leak you treasures are junk. 

This is why we recommend using our NoRust Bags. You can put your weapons in a NoRust bag (one per item) and fold the end of the bag over four or more times on a 3/4" fold and duct tape all the way around. Next put this inside another NoRust Bag and do the same. Why two? It's just cheap insurance. DO NOT use any plain plastic bags as they will draw condensation. Put all your stuff into the tube. You can use desiccant bags in the tubes on the outside of the NoRust Bags. If you happen to put a hole or tear in the NoRust Bag you can just put duct tape over the hole. We recommend that you bag every item separately that you put into tube.


We recommend planting in an upright position (vertical) as this makes it much harder to detect.  Dig down 18" below length of tube. You can cover with something heavy or we like buying steel ball bearings and throw them around everywhere. When you step on them they go into the ground and makes metal detection virtually impossible. This drives them nuts! They can't dig everywhere! Just make sure you make a good map so you can find them!

Good luck and Happy Gardening - 5/99

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