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Fuck The United Nations
1. FUCK THE UN! When all the member states have democratically elected governments and implement human rights and due process for all citizens we can consider working with them but not  under them. I am not anti international or a isolationist, I just can not stomach a democratic republic  like the US submitting our "sovereignty" to to a group of commie, socialist bastards and dictators.

Sovereignty; supreme power especially over a body politic, freedom from external control.

2. Our "Pals" China: China has veto power on the UN Security Counsel as does our buddies the  Russians. China, a county of 14 bazzilion subjects where only 27 people run the whole show. You  do the math. The fuck head corporate assholes and politicans who want to sell them American made toasters and potato chips are just so many greedy bastards. They can't see liberty, freedom and justice for the dollar signs in their eyes. If China wants our chips and Pepsi, let them free their people establish a viable democratic system and implement due process first.

3. Let's not forget "Duplicity and Hypocrisy": When the Republicans start ranting on Klinton's China Gate, let us all remind them they voted almost in mass and certainly in very large numbers for the  "Most Favored Nation" treaty and for "special" consideration for these commie bastards who are  not only NOT most favored, they are NOT favored at all, by most freedom loving Americans. See "greedy bastards" above.

4. I might add FUCK China. New rulers of the Panama Cannal, where I sweat, bled almost died and lost several good troopers over a 2 year period of time, and where we now stand by and watch the Chinese Army take control.

5. Reform the UN. NOT! Senator Helms, Family Voice, the Family Research Council, and others  calling for reform at the UN, donít seem to realize that through their efforts to reform the UN they  implicitly accept the UNís claim of authority over nations. Their attitude seems to be: "Itís OK for  the UN to have vast power as long as it isnít used improperly." Their acquiescence to the UN  system makes them collaborators in an internationalist scheme which, if successful, means the end of U.S. independence and the attendant loss of the protections afforded by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Additionally, agitating for UN reform serves to neutralize good, patriotic citizens by engaging them in a futile effort at reform thereby preventing them from engaging in activities that would be much  more effective in stopping UN globalist depredations.

6. U.S. soldiers are being placed in harm's way -- Fight for the UN? Americans, do not enlist in the  military to become a mercenaries of the UN. Our civilian political leadership (as it should be Joe)  have imperiled our constitutional rights and the order of American Law, by subjugating our rights to the UN body.

Perspective: Article VI, U.S. Constitution - Alexander Hamilton maintained, "The only 
constitutional exception to the power of making treaties is, that it shall not change the Constitution."  Under Article VI, according to Hamilton, "A treaty cannot be made which alters the Constitution of  the country or which infringes any express exceptions to the power of the Constitution of the United  States." James Madison supported this assessment: "I do not conceive that power is given to the  President and the Senate to ... alienate any great, essential right [through treaty] .... The exercise of  the power must be consistent with the object of the delegation." 

7. Morale Crisis: Under UN control, the U.S. military may soon confront a major institutional crisis. Sergeant First Class Ed "Razor" Rasor, a Special Forces medic who has publicly announced his  refusal to serve under UN command (see THE NEW AMERICAN, December 11th, page 19), is stationed at Ft. Bragg, and he has reported that growing entanglement with the UN is creating "a  morale crisis" within the Armed Forces. "This isn't a matter of money or some budgetary concern,"  Rasor told THE NEW AMERICAN. "It's a result of the emerging role of our military as an  instrument of the UN. It's a result of the increasing realization that the Constitution is simply being  slaughtered."

Sergeant Rasor wryly observed that "I can't throw a dart into a crowd here without hitting somebody  who's had it with the United Nations. I know of hundreds of soldiers, particularly in the 3rd Special  Forces Group, who have been involved in Haiti who are getting ready to leave because of having to  serve under UN command."

Sergeant Scott Sudweeks, another Special Forces medic stationed at Ft. Bragg who has forsworn  service to the UN, told THE NEW AMERICAN, "The UN does not recognize the divine source of our freedoms, it does not protect our freedoms, and its principles do not allow us to put God first."  Accordingly, says Sudweeks, the prospect of serving in UN-related missions creates "new moral  and ethical dilemmas" for Christians:

"There is a loss of the concept that there is a Supreme Being to whom government is accountable,  and that government is given delegated powers. Instead, the government is being recast as the  supreme power, and the military is being defined as a servant of that supposedly supreme power."

Similar misgivings have been expressed by Sergeant First Class Shane Chrisler, who has also  declared his intention to refuse UN service. Unlike Rasor and Sudweeks, Chrisler has actually  served under UN authority as part of a long-standing "peacekeeping" mission in the Sinai. "I had  no idea at the time as to what was going on [with the UN], but now I know better," Chrisler  remarked to THE NEW AMERICAN. As his understanding of the UN has increased, his  enthusiasm for military service has eroded. 

"During the last three years I have been very tempted just to get out," he recalls. "Those are the feelings of a lot of people I know. We're losing our basic core of really good people in the military,  and that is something which our country simply can't afford."

As many of you know I am not a Christian, but I do believe that the inalienable rights we all have are  not granted by any government, local or global and that we do not need a law to tell us or to grant us  our basic human rights or our so called "God given rights". The US Bill of Rights covers this in the  4th and 9th Amendment and clearly states that there are freedoms and rights one has that are not  specifically stated in the Constitution. The UN Covenant on Political and Civil Rights on the other  hand ignores our inalienable or "God Given" rights and implies that the UN "grants" us our rights "as provided by law" and claims power to amend or cancel these "laws" out of existence. 

No government, local, national or global can rightfully place restrictions on fundament rights such as  freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, assembly, the freedoms of association, press,  movement and religion. If they can grant them they can take them away and if that happens, soon  we will have no rights at all.

8. Secret Treaties and Executive Orders. The purpose of the U.S. military is not to carry out grandiose schemes of "global reconstruction," to conduct interminable "operations other than war,"  or to settle for objectives other than victory. 

The purpose of the military as General Douglas MacArthur famously declared, "is to win our wars.  Everything else ... is but corollary to this vital dedication."

As a fat bald retired Special Forces Master Sergeant would put it: " We are here for war, we exist  only for war. Everything else is just bull shit." Fuck the Bull Shit!. 

The U.S. military was never intended to be the plaything of the President. The court-martial of Army Specialist Michael New (who refused to wear the UN badge) may result in a significant legal  challenge to the constitutionality of Mr. Clinton's Presidential Decision Directive 25. New's defense  team has demanded that the still-classified directive be unsealed and entered into evidence. So far the administration has refused. 

The restitution of America's military independence and the restoration of Congress' constitutional  powers require the immediate repeal of the United Nations Participation Act. 

Repeal UNPA! Get us out of the UN!

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