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Normally, DirectedFire will select an antigun entity and then debate the claims they have made. With Al Gore, the situation is a little different. Formerly a supporter of gun rights, Al Gore is now against the Second Amendment. For smoke, mirrors, lies, and rapidly changing "beliefs," Gore is hard to beat. In fact, Gore is so conflicted, we thought we would just sit back and let him debate himself...

Algore #1

Al Gore: Man of 1000 faces.

Vote for someone who changes his mind more often than his underwear?


Algore may be the most conflicted Presidential candidate in decades.

wants to be president.

But is he fit for the job? The problem with voting for someone like this is you never know just what you're getting. On one day he might say and believe one thing. The next day, when it's politically expedient, he'll say and believe something else. On the issue of the right to bear arms, there isn't any question that Americans are safer when they are allowed to defend themselves, and Algore apparently knew that for years while a representative of Tennessee. But in the past few years, he seems to have "forgotten." The wind blows. Gore changes his mind.

Trying to be on both sides of every issue doesn't mean a person is "flexible." It just means they aren't very bright, or they haven't any courage. Either way, it disqualifies them from being president.

Algore doesn't have a plan for America. He has a plan for himself, but none for America. Watch his campaign over the next couple months. See if he offers anything but fear and division of America into competing camps. Then ask yourself - "Which candidate is the 'risky' one?"

- Kurt Amesbury -


5% of your cost for every long-distance call is the "Gore Tax" on communications.


Algore #2
Pro-Second Amendment. NRA member. Reguarlary voted against gun control. Against the Second Amendment. Oppsed to citizen self-defense.
Avid pot smoker Champion of the "War on Drugs"
Called for reduction in technology Claims he invented the Internet
Wants to eliminate car engines Still wants to eliminate car engines
The "Environmental Candidate" Broke Federal Wildlife protection laws to get a campaign picture

Bragged about his ability to raise funds. Credited with raising $40 million of the DNC's $180 million in 1995 and 1996.

Held a campaign Fundraiser at a Buddhist temple that involved illegally funneling money from third sources through the monks.

Later claimed he didn't know that the monks had taken a vow of poverty. (The money was just being funneled through the monks to "clean" it.)

One of Gore's nine versions of what was happening when the monks forked over the money: "Didn't know temple visit was a "fundraiser."

Illegally used White House resources to campaign "Doesn't recall"
Claims to be in favor of a constitutional amendment for "victims rights"

Opposes the current Amendment that protects victims right to self-defense!


"Throughout most of my life, I raised tobacco. I want you to know that with my own hands, all of my life, I put it in the plant beds and transferred it. I've hoed it. I've chopped it. I've shredded it, spiked it, put it in the barn and stripped it and sold it."


"Tobacco addiction ... is just as powerful of an addiction as heroin or crack addiction"

Despite the death of his own sister to cancer, Algore continued to sell tobacco until the 1990's

Lifelong political insider (grew up in a Washington, DC Hotel Claims to have grown up in the country (on tobacco farms?)

Has real concern for all the "little people" who are working so hard to make a living.

Slum lord to his own tenants - wouldn't even fix the plumbing! Tenants finally had to move out because conditions were so bad!

Claimed no knowledge of the slum conditions in his rental property because a "management company" was taking care of all that. Rent checks were made out directly to Al Gore personally. Despite promises to fix the problems, tenants had to move because the problems were never fixed.
Voted for the largest tax increase on gasoline in history. Now wants political credit for "fighting" the high cost of gasoline.
Claims to be a big fan of Courtney Love's Band Can't name any songs by the band.
Pro-Civil Rights Anti-Civil Rights
Supported the right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms Now wants a constitutional amendment - a "Victim's Bill of Rights"... presumably because there will be so many more victims once law-abiding citizens are disarmed.

In 1977 voted for an amendment that said, in part, that abortion ''takes the life of an unborn child who is a living human being,'' and that no right to abortion ''is secured by the Constitution.''

"It is my deep personal conviction that abortion is wrong. I hope that some day we will see the current outrageously large number of abortions drop sharply. . . . Let me assure you that I share your belief that innocent human life must be protected . . . In my opinion, it is wrong to spend federal funds for what is arguably the taking of a human life. . . ." (Letter from Rep. Al Gore to a Constituent, 7/18/84)

Gore insisted that he has always supported both a woman's right to choose an abortion and Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that ensured that right.
Claimed he and Tipper were the models for the uptight preppy and his free-spirited girlfriend in Love Story. Erich Segal, author of "Love Story," told The New York Times he was 'befuddled' by Gore's comments.
"I found a little place in upstate New York called Love Canal. I had the first hearing on that issue and Toone, Tenn. But that was the one that started it all." (Al Gore, The New York Times, 12/10/99)

According to Lois Gibbs, the Leader of the Love Canal Home Owners Association, �"He did not begin Love Canal,� ([New York] Newsday, 12/3/99)

Unlike his boss for the past eight years, Al Gore actually went to Vietnam. Gore claimed harrowing war time experiences,

"I was shot at. . . . I spent most of my time in the field."



Alan Leo, a photographer in the office where Gore worked as a reporter, was ordered to make sure nothing happened to the son of Senator Gore. Leo described his half-dozen or so trips into the field with Al Gore as situations where �I could have worn a tuxedo.�

Writing home, Gore told his parents the U.S. Army was a "Fascist organization."



Other Gore-sims:

The Virgin Mary was a Homeless Person
"Speaking from my own religious tradition in this Christmas season, 2,000 years ago a homeless woman gave birth to a homeless child in a manger because the inn was full."

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