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Congressman BlagojevichOur very first "Dope of the Day" is a real treat. He is none other than Rob Blagojevich, Illinois Congressman, who recently introduced to congress (this is not a joke!) the "Pocket Rocket Elimination Act of 2000."

Following in the steps of successful gun-control advocates Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic, and Ratko Mladic, Rob Blagojevich too hopes to disarm the law-abiding. To that end, he has launched a drive to ban the possession and sale of guns suitable for self-defense/concealed carry. His particular characterization appears to be based on the "size" and "firepower" of what you might have in your... pocket. His fear seems to be that a citizen using a concealed weapon for self-defense might have too much firepower! (I'm sure this concern was prevalent among women and men in Kosovo when they saw the Serb army coming to rape and murder them - just as it might be your concern when you are attacked!)

PEOPLE OF CHICAGO get rid of this idiot! He wants to pass more gun control laws. As you have probably observed by now, criminals tend to ignore gun control laws, which means that only people who obey the law go without guns. Even if you don't want a gun, this makes life more dangerous for you. Think about it this way: If a mugger has to choose whom to go after, who will he pick? The guy whom he knows doesn't have a gun? Or the one he's not sure about? Right. All Blago has done is help the muggers be sure you aren't able to defend yourselves!

Blagojevich's brilliance doesn't stop with his "pocket rocket" bill. His own legislation - paid for with $1.25 million of your tax money - traced guns found at crime sites revealing that of 10,000 guns traced, all but 98 were sold in illegal, black-market deals. Yet this mental midget, in the next paragraph, crows about his support of the Brady Bill and calls for more gun control laws! How stupid do you have to be to think that if 9,902 out of 10,000 guns used in crime are procured in violation of the law, that forcing new legal restrictions on the decent people of Chicago will help solve the problem?

Blago's wizardry doesn't stop there.

So paranoid is he about guns, he proposed forcing the State Police of Illinois to spend almost $1 million more for guns, so their "trade-ins" could be destroyed – thus "keeping them off the street." That's right. First he supports laws to keep citizens disarmed. Then he makes you pay to destroy the guns that might have saved your wife, or your daughter or your mother or YOU from being mugged, beaten, raped, strangled, stabbed or robbed.

Blagojevich's mental weakness as applied to mathematics works out this way: The 2,500 pistols he proposed be destroyed amount to less than about 1/100,000th of the firearms in private hands in this country. Worse, if Blago believed the results of his own study, 99.02% of the guns used in crime come from illegal sources - which means the legal police sale of 2,500 firearms could be expected to put less than 25 (perhaps zero!) guns in criminal hands. For that, Blago wasted $1 million of your tax dollars - a gun "buy back" with tax dollars of $40,000 or more per potentially "illegal" gun!!

Meanwhile the police are out nearly $1 million that they could have been using to fight crime and you have to pay more for the firearms you need to defend yourself and your family. So if you are a victim of crime in Illinois, you might want to write and thank Rep Blagojevich for wasting the money the cops so badly need, for saddling law-abiding citizens with more do-nothing laws and for helping to make you helpless against criminals.

Remember, Blago is running again this year. Let's make sure this time he doesn't stop until he's out of town!


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