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The following links contain some excellent "ammo" to use in fighting for your
Second Amendment rights. For an entertaining snapshot of what's
happening today, we recommend

NRA Live.

Keep and Bear Arms

A relatively new site, but one of the best!

Second Amendment Sisters

A woman's perspective on the Second Amendment

Tyranny Response Team

Some people talk about gun control. These people are actually trying to do something about it. They deserve your attention and support.


Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Loads of good info!

Hunt of a Lifetime

The "Give Kids the World" outfit isn't handling hunting trips any more. Their official position is that it's "too dangerous" for kids. Of course, this is a lie. The car trip to/from the hunt is more dangerous than the hunting. Well, Hunt of a Lifetime has stepped up to let terminally ill kids fulfill their hunting dreams. Take a look at the site. It'll be good for your heart.


A wealth of pro-gun information.

Gun Owners of America

The only 'no-compromise' gun lobby in Washington

Firearms and Liberty

Potpourri of good site links and information.


The teeth of the NRA and an outstanding source of Second Amendment info.


The muscle behind the bayonet, and all manner of member services.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership

Jews who have not forgotten that the Holocaust started with gun registration - and ended in the slaughter of millions.

Citizens of America

A GREAT source for OUTSTANDING Second Amendment sound files.

Democrats for the Second Amendment

A meager site... but a good beginning!


Explore your spiritual sovereignty.

Self Defense - A Basic Human Right

Some very compelling artwork. Many different perspectives.

Gun Scholar

The Journalist's Guide to Gun Policy Scholars and Second Amendment Scholars by Prof. Eugene Volokh, UCLA Law School

Second Amendment Foundation

Broad-based source of Second Amendment Information and Activism.

Missourians Against Registration and Confiscation A very sharp looking site with up-to-date gun news.
Guns in America A concise view of guns in America.
Liberatarian Party The Unapologetically Pro Bill of Rights Party!
GunClock Neil Schulman's site documenting defensive use of firearms.
CCRKBA Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms - A great source for all kinds of 2nd Amendment information.
The Vanguard A conservative site with some very clever pages.
Oregon Firearms Federation Oregon's only "No Compromise" Gun Lobby
Save the Guns The title says it all!
Second Amendment Committee Lots of good Second Amendment Information here, plus political insights.
Mother's Arms What do good mothers want? They want to be able to protect their kids.
Michigan Coaltion for Responsible Gun Owners "To promote the responsible, legal ownership and usage of firearms through education and legislative action."
The American Guardian An alternative perspecitive on Constitutional rights.
Reasons to Own a Firearm Some straightforward, no-nonsense, facts.
Second Amendment Police Department If you thought all cops were like the stuff uniforms standing behind Clinton, guess again. REAL cops support the right to bear arms! (For on-line discussions, visit the eGroups forum.
Bruce's Rants Some not-so-great quotes. Worth checking out. You'll see what I mean!
KC3 Kentucky Coalition to Carry Concealed
GRNC Grass Roots North Carolina - a pro-Constitution site.
ICVM Indiana Citizens Volunteer Militia - interesting content, compelling graphics. Take a look at who the guy in black is shooting at.
Texas Constitution 2000 Some have abandonded hope in the system as it is, and are calling for MAJOR changes. Good or bad? You decide.
The World Outdoors I don't generally put commercial sites on my link list, but with 80% of the net going to USA shooting and Hunt of a Lifetime, I can't help but want to pitch in. When you're looking for sporting goods, give them a look.
USA Shooting Want the latest on the Olympic Shooting Team?
Liz Michael Not all gun issues - but a California politician with the right idea!

Have a favorite site that would fit in here? Let us know about it!