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Charles Schumer. What can we say about this schmuck? Perhaps the highest praise we could heap on him is that he could make a Nazi proud!

Schumer is one of the leading lights in the misbegotten and misguided gun-control movement. His antigun stance might be thought very odd, considering the fact that he's Jewish. After all, the prelude to slaughter of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust was Hitler's disarming of the Jews... rendering the People helpless before their own government. In much the same way, Schumer seeks to disarm the People of America. Ironically, Hitler reportedly disarmed the People "for their own safety" - just as Schumer seeks to do.

Is Schumer an evil agent of the Fourth Reich? Or just stupid and misguided?

Consider his reaction to the announcement of "Black Rhino"1 ammunition. This was a bullet which its manufacturer claimed could penetrate a bulletproof vest and then explode inside the body behind the vest. Schumer immediately went on television announcing proposed legislation to ban this "dangerous" ammunition which could "penetrate body armor and leave grenade-like wounds." The only problem was, the Black Rhino bullet was a complete hoax. Worse, Schumer was apparently a willing participant in the hoax. What kind of representative has to lie to the People to get them to support his positions?

I tried to find out by looking at Schumer's web site. What I discovered was that if it weren't for his rabid antigun stance, Schumer might be reduced to complaining about gasoline prices. (Ironic, since he did vote for the highest gasoline tax hike in history, didn't he?)

According to Schumer's web site Attorney General Janet Reno, the enforcer of Waco, the person who doesn't see a need to investigate Algore (despite recommendations by top attorneys on her own staff), the beast who sent thugs in to gas men, women and little children (with levels of gas never experienced by any human being in history) - the same authoritarian bureaucrat who ordered a little boy snatched from his relatives at machine-gun point in Miami, said, "I have never met a public official more dedicated to fighting crime than Mr. Schumer." [Reno is herself a candidate for "Dope of the Day."]

To demonstrate that Schumer is as dishonest today as he was in the days of the Black Rhino Hoax, turn to his latest bit of propaganda. It's a "study" he commissioned (with your tax dollars) entitled: "War Between the States." This "study" concludes that "New York is one of the nation's leading "victim" states because 1,685 guns from local crimes originated from Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia while only 61 guns used by criminals in those 5 Southeastern states were originally sold in New York." This might sound impressive at first blush, but the argument completely falls apart due to several obvious realities.

  1. Criminals by their very nature do what's easiest. That doesn't mean that if laws are more strict, that criminals won't get guns. It just means they will get them from somewhere else. Imagine if New York had strict drug laws but Florida had none. Naturally people would obtain illegal drugs from Florida. What if all states had strict anti-drug laws? Then, using Schumer's reasoning, it would be impossible to get illegal drugs... right? Well, we have strict drug laws in all states today - So why isn't New York drug free? (Because Schumer is lying, that's why!)

  2. Guns don't cause crime. Think about it. If Schumer is right that the free and easy access to guns causes crime, then states with free access to guns should have much higher crime rates than New York. Unfortunately for Schumer, this simply isn't true. Texas and Florida, cited as major sources of guns used in New York crime, both have lower crime rates than New York. Think about what Schumer is saying. Criminals don't have enough targets in Texas or Florida, so they are taking their guns to New York to pick on the ehlpless citizens there... or perhaps Schumer is just pointing out that when you create a black market in firearms there is enough economic pressure to cause their importation form other places.

    And just what is Schumer trying to prove with his numbers? If it turned out that 60% of the illegal guns used in crime were from out of state, and that 66% of the perpetrators were black, would Schumer propose laws banning blacks? (Maybe we better not suggest this to Schumer... after all, the first gun control laws passed in this country were designed to make sure the freed blacks could not defend themselves from the KKK and Schumer already wants to bring back strict gun control. Maybe whipping slaves is the next stop on his totalitarian express?) The point is, a correlation does not demonstrate cause and effect. Nobody seriously believes that banning guns will mean that criminals won't be able to get guns. Schumer is lying... again.

  3. The illegal drug trade is part of the problem. Schumer's "study" doesn't say from whom the illegal guns were recovered, but I'd lay odds that a large percentage of them were in the possession of drug dealers. That's right - the drug pipeline that comes in through Texas and Florida and passes through Mississippi and Georgia just might sweep guns along with the drugs. Since the path of crime starts in Texas and Florida with the transshipment of drugs, why would criminals make the effort to go to New York, obtain guns, travel back to Texas or Florida, get the drugs, and return to New York? If nothing else, the guns are probably cheaper in the South! To make his half-baked analysis work, Schumer wants us to forget what every mom knows about shopping at the supermarket - you plan in such a way that you don't have to make extra trips. So, Schumer is still lying.

  4. Vermont. The most telling argument against Schumer's latest hoax, is the fact that he hasn't been recording record surges of guns coming in from VERMONT! After all, in Vermont, citizens don't even need a permit to carry a gun - openly or concealed. There's no state registration, no waiting period... and very little crime. To use Schumer's logic, guns should be flooding in from Vermont, which is a lot closer to New York than Florida or Texas. But Vermont doesn't happen to be on the heroin highway. Of course, the influence of the illegal drug trade isn't even mentioned in Schumer's "study." I didn't see Vermont mentioned either. Or Wyoming, which has very free gun laws (and consequently should be hip deep in armed criminals.) Why do you suppose that Mr. Schumer's report doesn't mention these states? Could it be because they have large numbers of firearms in the hands of citizens, few gun laws of any kind - and very little crime?

So, getting back to the original questions: Is Schumer stupid? Misguided? Is he evil? Deceitful? Dishonest? Is he a closet Nazi? Does he want to disarm the Negroes and turn them back into slaves? Is he just itching for the next Holocaust?

Does it really matter?

Schumer is a liar. He would rather his constituents be disarmed sheep than empowered citizens. Perhaps the most amazing fact is that "sophisticated" New Yorkers either like being helpless sheep or are so damned stupid that they can't figure what most of the country can plainly see - Schumer is a con man!

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