"The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
United States Constitution, Bill of Right, Second Amendment

Take Action

1)  Link Back to This Site.  Download our banner and put it on your site.  For more on link exchanges and to grab our banner, click here.

2)  Enlist Subscribers to our KeepAndBearArms.org email magazine.  Send past messages to everyone you know online.  

3)  Write letters and fill email boxes of legislators.  Many times, we provide the letters and the email addresses.  All you do is send them so they see how many people care about our Second Amendment Rights.  We even have auto mailers that will help you reach many politicians at one time.  To access your state legislators by fax or phone, click here.  When we post KeepAndBearArms.com, we will have an auto faxing system that will allow you to write your letter and fax it from our server.

4)  Read Brian Puckett's A Plan to Restore the Second Amendment and consider his suggestion.

5)  Join Gun Owners of America today.  Join COA.

6)  Support legislative actions against the cities who've been suing gun manufacturers.  GOA of Texas and Second Amendment Foundation are fighting back.

7)  Study this issue.  Study our heritage.  Learn.  Educate yourself.

8)  Talk to people every single day about preserving our Second Amendment rights.  Your lips are paid for -- use them.

9.)  Introduce someone to shooting.  Teach them safety and responsible gun ownership.  Pass on our heritage.