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Some Tears For My Brothers
Written by Marvin V. Stenhammar - Memorial Day 2000

Some Tears For My Brothers...

Pause and reflect on absent those, from roll call here today,
I want to thank them all who served, a simple soldier's way.

A mournful spirit over me, today for all the years,
A sadness fills this soldier's heart, as my eyes fill with tears.

A sadness for the men who served, and those who died in war,
At Sea, in Air and on the Land, in Army and in Corps.

Bravely sure, they paid the price, so we could all be free,
Warriors each and all of them, on land in sky and sea.

They fought for freedom everywhere, fought not to settle score,
A mournful hollow feeling, since they march with us no more.

Marines to young to stay behind, in barracks Lebanon,
They died for peace, no chance to fight, there memory still lives on.

Others lost, but still stand watch, they fought for you and me,
Grenada's shores they fought and died, so others could be free.

Frog Men one and all of them, Commandos from the Sea,
They now assault for evermore, that airfield near P.C.

Paratroops our countries best, so proud for all to see,
Fighting still, forever now, on Panama D.Z.

Lost more we did in Desert Storm, SOF's Spectre rest at sea,
Let no one say, not one of us, their fight was quick or free.

The battle in Somalia, it seems just like yesterday,
Special Forces paid with blood, as Rangers lead the way.

Others gone, in training killed, preparing for the fight,
They gave the gift to all of us, protecting from war's plight.

My words cannot do justice, to the price my brothers paid,
So I cry when I remember them, everyone by name.

Marvin V. Stenhammar
Master Sergeant - E-8
U.S. Army Special Operations Forces (Retired)

The History of Veterans Day

Please take time to honor the service and sacrifice of America's Veterans both  today and every day. We must never forget that freedom isn't free.