Branch Insignia: Two crossed arrows 3/4 inch in height and 1 3/8 inches in width all gold color.

The Special Forces branch insignia was authorized in 1987 for wear by personnel in the Special Forces branch. It was previously authorized in 1984 for wear by enlisted personnel in Career Management Field 18 (Special Operations). Originally (from 1890 to 1926), crossed arrows were prescribed for wear by Indian Scouts. During World War II, the crossed arrows were worn as collar insignia by officers and enlisted personnel assigned to the First Special Service Force.

Branch Plaque: The plaque design has the branch insignia, letters, and rim in gold. The background is Jungle Green.
Regimental Insignia: Personnel assigned to the Special Forces Branch are all affiliated to the 1st Special Forces since there is only one Special Forces regiment. The insignia is a silver color metal and enamel device consisting of a pair of silver arrows in saltire, points up and surmounted at their junction by a silver dagger with black handle point up; all over and between a black motto scroll arcing to base and inscribed "DE OPPRESSO LIBER" (Liberate From Oppression) in silver letters.

Regimental Coat of Arms: The regimental flags for the lst Special Forces has the shield of the coat of arms appearing on the breast of a displayed eagle. The background of the Special Forces regimental flag is Jungle Green. The Special Forces Groups have the same design and use this coat of arms on the Special Forces Group flags; however, the designation scroll contains the designation of the group instead of the designation "First Special Forces".

Regimental Insignia Symbolism: The shield of the Coat of Arms was approved for the First Special Service Force of World War II on 26 February 1943. The knife is of a distinctive shape and pattern and was issued only to the First Special Service Force. The crest is the crossed arrows from the collar insignia worn by the First Special Service Force in World War II but changed from gold to silver for harmony with the shield and to make a difference from the collar insignia. The coat of arms and distinctive unit insignia was approved on 8 July 1960.

Branch Colors: Jungle Green. 80066 cloth; 67191 yearn; PMS 343.

The establishment of jungle green as the branch color was approved by the DCSPER on 22 May 1987. Silver Gray is used as a secondary color on flags and guidons.

Birthday: 9 April 1987. The first Special Forces unit in the Army was formed on 11 June 1952, when the 10th Special Forces Group was activated at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. A major expansion of Special Forces occurred during the 1960s, with a total of eighteen groups organized in the Regular Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard. As a result of renewed emphasis on special operations in the 1980s, the Special Forces Branch was established as a basic branch of the Army effective 9 April 1987, by General Orders No 35 dated 19 June 1987.