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Featuring experts -- liberals, moderates, and conservatives -- whose research has led them to be skeptical of gun control.

Information compiled by Prof. Eugene Volokh

Prof. Eugene Volokh
UCLA Law School
Tel: (310) 206-3926)

Second Amendment Law Library

Web URL: http://www.2ndlawlib.org

An Information Resource for Legal Scholarship on the Second Amendment.

Gun Parts Corporation  - Numrich - www.E-GunParts.com
The World's LARGEST Supplier of Firearm Parts & Accessories.  This site includes an All New E-Shopping interface to over 175,000 + Gun Parts!

Gun Parts Corporation
226 Williams Lane
W. Hurley, NY 12491

Telephone Orders: 1-845-679-2417  -  Customer Service: 1-845-679-4867

Sales & Customer Service: [email protected]  -  WebMaster: [email protected]

American Gunsmithing Institute - http://www.americangunsmith.com

AGI - American Gunsmithing Institute exists to provide firearms enthusiasts with the knowledge needed to keep their guns in safe and top-notch condition, maximizing their shooting experience and potential in a way that preserves the Gunsmithing art and insures... "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Father Frog's Home Page

Fr. Frog in AZ (16k jpg)

One of the finest web resources for the study of ballistics & shooting information.

Web URL: http://home.sprynet.com/~frfrog/froghome.htm


Guns N Stuff - Your online source for Guns n Stuff!

Load Your Own - http://www.LoadYourOwn.com  - Dedicated to the Art of Hand Loading.
An outstanding noncommercial reloading and hand loading reference.

Women Against Gun Control: www.WAGC.com
"Ladies of High Caliber" offer advice, research, education, and links. Excellent "Women's Views and issues section.  Great articles from the better half.

Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership : http://www.jpfo.org
KABA site full of good information. One of America's Most Aggressive Defenders of Firearms Ownership. 

Gun Control Victories - http://www.GunControlVictories.com
There are many facets to the Gun Control debate.  This excellent web has all the articles, facts, links, news, and current events about gun control and related issues in America, the UN, and the international political scene. Everything is fully sourced and documented so you can make up your own mind.

RKBA Network - RKBA.net
An excellent selection of links on firearms, firearm related mailing lists, firearm related graphics and sound files.  Home of the RKBA.net Message Board.

This excellent and unrivaled web site features graphics and photos of hundreds of firearms to include: Military Weapons, NFA items, Handguns, Machine Guns, Sporting Rifles, Shotguns and most guns that are likely to be of interest.  The object of this web is to provide a graphical reference and resource for you to browse and be able to find what a specific firearm model or an unfamiliar firearm may look like.  http://www.securityarms.com

Mothers Arms - www.MothersArms.org
Mothers Arms is a new non-profit organization created to inform, educate and support the development of self-reliant women nationwide who consider it a fundamental right and responsibility to protect their children, their property and themselves with firearms training and knowledge from human aggression and assault. 

The Cody Express - www.CodyExpress.com
Miss Annie Oakley cordially requests the pleasure of your company for an informative tour of Second Amendment and Gun Rights issues in America.  This imaginative and well designed RKBA web site has excellent content and information.

The Hunt Report - http://www.huntreport.com
A great source for hunters and outdoor sportsmen.  Hunting, accessories and field craft information. 

UN Watch - http://www.UNWatch.com
This website is designed for students doing research on the United Nations. We will gather a number of "pro and con" links to make research into both sides of several critical issues much easier. Essays will be collected to give a wide range of opinions that the student may see that there are at least two, if not several sides to every question. If you need help, ask the Research Staff, and we will attempt to either answer questions, or refer you to websites which can. Enjoy your research

HK Pro - http://www.HKpro.com
The Ultimate Heckler & Koch / HK web site.  Great graphics, chalked full of information and the source of all things HK on the web.

Nordic Sniper: A Great web site from Sweden that is dedicated to long-range shooting with a bolt action rifle for military and civilian riflemen.  Great source of sniper and tactical long range shooting information.

GunTruths.com:  Dedicated to the belief that every peaceable citizen has the inalienable right to keep and bear firearms.

Citizens of America:  A non-profit pro-firearms and self-defense organization that is running a multi-media advertising campaign to get a positive message out on the truth about gun control and the gun grabbers.  They need your support so listen to the RealAudio ads and lend a hand.

GunsAmerica.com:  The Internet Source of Firearms Classifieds.

Internet Shooting Directory

Special Operations.com:  The Unofficial Special Operations Web Site.

Shooters.NetYour Action Shooting Headquarters.

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