This web site contains information on all types of firearms. All firearms by design are dangerous and if mishandled, can be potentially lethal. Therefore Gunnery Network, recommend and endorse the following statements:

  1. Never pick up, accept or hand over a firearm without first removing the magazine and or emptying the chamber / cylinder and opening the action so as to expose the chamber and demonstrate that the firearm is unloaded.

    If you do not know how to do this or unable to perform this task, leave the firearm alone or request assistance from somebody whom is familiar with the firearm and who is competent in safe firearms handling. If circumstances dictate that you must hand over a loaded firearm make sure that the safety system is engaged and inform the recipient immediately and in no uncertain terms "This firearm is loaded. The safety system is engaged." If there is no safety system on the firearm, ensure that the recipient is fully aware of this fact before the firearm is handed over.
  2. Always assume any firearm to be loaded until you have positively proved that it is not. No matter that the firearm is old, corroded, rusted, obsolete, dirt-covered, incomplete or brand new, it is possible that any firearm may be loaded.
  3. Always use an unloading box if one is available. Always point the firearm in a safe direction whist unloading it. Do not carry out a detailed examination or touch the trigger mechanism before complying with point one above.
  4. Always be aware of exactly where your firearm is. Never leave it unattended or unsecured, even for a moment.
  5. Ensure that children do not have access to firearms without adult supervision.
  6. Do not be swayed by an 'expert' who tells you to ignore these rules. You and yours are likely to outlive them.