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National Cop Group Misrepresents Rank-And-File Law Enforcement
LEAA Lambastes NAPO for Bad Judgment in Supporting Senator Clinton

WASHINGTON, Jan. 9 2002 - U.S. Newswire

     The Law Enforcement Alliance of America (LEAA) stands outraged and baffled after learning of the National Association of Police Organizations' (NAPO) decision to support Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) at a press conference for legislation known as the "Homeland Security Block Grant Act."

     "This is truly unbelievable," says James J. Fotis, LEAA Executive Director and retired Lynbrook, NY police officer.

     "Senator Clinton is no friend of law enforcement and has demonstrated that on more than one occasion. This is a slap in the face to law enforcement officers everywhere and NAPO is doing an injustice to the law enforcement fraternity," Fotis stated.

     LEAA Executive Director Jim Fotis cited several examples of the Senator's hideous behavior toward law enforcement just in the last few years. "Hillary Rodham Clinton is perhaps the most anti-cop member of the U.S. Senate. From blaming the Secret Service for the White House Filegate scandal to supporting the pardoning of cop killers, there's no low Hillary won't stoop to when it comes to bashing cops for political gain," Fotis said.

     Some of Senator Clinton's more outrageous attacks on law enforcement involve her calling four New York City police officers murderers after a shooting in 1999. As a lawyer, first lady, and a New York senatorial candidate, Clinton was implying that these officers were guilty until proven innocent. The trial had not even begun when she made the remark during one of her public appearances on the campaign trail.

     "As a trial lawyer she knows that Americans are innocent until proven guilty yet when it comes to these four cops she turned her back on the law and these officers," says Fotis. "She has a complete disregard and a basic dislike for cops," Fotis stated. The four cops were later found not guilty.

     Another example of Senator Clinton's anti-law enforcement behavior stems from an incident that occurred at the New York State Democratic Convention during her senatorial campaign.

     LEAA called upon candidate Hillary Clinton to denounce the actions of Democratic state delegates who spit on members of the Albany Police Department Honor Guard as they carried flags into the arena for a ceremony.

"That incident is a violation of New York State Penal Law and if political leaders allow behavior of that kind against police officers, they are encouraging disrespect for law enforcement," says Fotis.

"Candidate Clinton never offered apologies or stood up for those officers," Fotis continued, "and NAPO decides to stand up at a press conference to support her? What is their leadership thinking?" LEAA finds NAPO's actions outrageous and inexcusable.

"NAPO should know better when it comes to supporting politicians who make a living bashing cops. Certainly NAPO's New York rank-and-file police membership knows better, as evidenced when they joined firefighters in booing Hillary Clinton off the stage at a New York benefit concert," Fotis concluded.

To schedule an interview with Fotis, please call 703-847-2677.

With over 65,000 members and supporters nation-wide, the Law Enforcement Alliance of America (LEAA) is the nation's largest coalition of law enforcement professionals, crime victims, and concerned citizens dedicated to making America safer. Visit our Web site at www.LEAA.org.

Contact: Laura Griffith of the Law Enforcement Alliance of
America, 703-847-2677 or 703-201-5622 (after hours).


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