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A Tale of Two Bills' - Good-bye and Good Riddance

A Gunnery Network Editorial - Written by Virgil Stone - 21 Jan 2001

Dateline: Kansas, America - January 2001 - This month marks the departure of two very prominent men named "Bill" from the lives of most American gun owners.  Both of them had a substantial impact on private arms ownership and in anti-gun legislation.  They come from very different backgrounds and you might be surprised to find out that the "Man Named Bill" who has done the most to damage or basic human right to self-defense is actually "one of our own".

Most of you know that Bill "Bubba Dick" Klinton is now one of the X-Presidents.  His anti-freedom and anti-gun administration is over.  I can only hope that he gets HIV from one of his many girl friends and "just fades away".  More likely he will become "rehabilitated" with the help of the American media, who love to forgive sinners and loves a "reformed" looser even more.  I suspect that "Bubba Dick" will chill out for a couple of months and then become the mouthy prick "darling" of the talking head circles.  No my friends, we have not seen that last of disbarred lawyer, admitted perjurer, adulterer, draft dodger, fine cigar abuser and hypocrite, big mouth Billy "Bubba Dick" Klinton, and we have not heard the last of him either.

The other "Man Named Bill" makes his departure from the firearms industry after over 60 years in the business.  He is William B. Ruger, the founder and President of Sturm, Ruger & Co., one of the country's largest firearms makers. Bill Ruger announced his retirement in early January 2001.  This Bill, like our cigar abusing X-President, was no friend of gun owners or freedom loving Americans.   But this Bill is even more dangerous.  After all, we all knew where we gun enthusiast stood with "Bubba".  We stood right next to the toilet, one step to the right of his unpopular military and just one half-step away from the black smelly hole under the toilet that he wanted to put us in.  With "Mr. Bill" number two, Bill Ruger, most gun people actually thought he was "one of us".  

The facts show that this Bill Ruger is actually an "Anti-Gun Wolf" in "2nd Amendment Sheep's" clothing.  Woe!  Time out Ranger.  You might say with surprised indignation.  After all Virgil, who could be more "Pro Gun" than an American Arms Manufacturer?  Well friends, Bill Ruger is NOT "Pro Gun".  He is not Pro 2nd Amendment, in fact he is not "Pro Anything" except Money, Bill Ruger and money.  History has show that Bill Ruger has, on several occasion over the last 30 years, worked very diligently both in front of and behind the scenes, to restrict our right to keep and bears arms.  

What makes Bill Ruger even worse is that he did not do all of this because of some since of honor or to promote his deeply held beliefs.  No, he is not an ideological "anti", of whom we can disagree and still respect because they are honestly following and promoting their true beliefs.  Bill Ruger is not an "anti" because of his belief system, he is an "anti-for-hire" and he proposed and supported anti-gun and anti-freedom legislation strictly for profit.   Bill Ruger is and "Anti-Whore".  A mere mercenary of the anti-gun movement.

Want to know why I hate Bill Ruger and will never own a Sturm Ruger product?

Bill Ruger helped the antis prohibit so-called "Assault Weapons" and is the primary architect of the "evil features" that were effectively banned in Brady-2 and the "Assault Weapons Ban".  "Evil" features selected not because they are truly evil or would have any effect on reducing crime, features selected simply because none of Rugers guns had any of these features.  He is the author of the so-call "high capacity" [read full capacity] magazine ban as well as several other loony anti-gun ideas.  Yes friends, American Arms Manufacturer and Machine-Gun Designer Bill Ruger is the anti-gun bastard who dreamed up the "10 round mag" idea.  

He was filmed on television news with Tom Brokaw and said: 

"No honest man needs more than 10 rounds in any gun" and "I never meant for simple civilians to have my 20 or 30 round mags or my folding stock".

and then said "I see nothing wrong with waiting periods".  

This TV interview was used (with Bill Rugers written permission) over and over again to rub our faces in the fact that: "even a gun manufacture thinks gun control is good". 

Need more proof?  The following is an excerpt from the March 30, 1989 letter Bill Ruger sent to every member of Congress.  It is in the Congressional Record and has been reprinted in several newspapers and magazines. 

"The best way to address the firepower concern is therefore not to try to outlaw or license many millions of older and perfectly legitimate firearms (which would be a licensing effort of staggering proportions) but to prohibit the possession of high capacity magazines. 

By a simple, complete and unequivocal ban on large capacity magazines, all the difficulty of defining 'assault rifle' and 'semi-automatic rifles' is eliminated. The large capacity magazine itself, separate or attached to the firearm, becomes the prohibited item.  

A single amendment to Federal firearms laws could effectively implement these objectives." 

William B. Ruger
Sturm, Ruger Firearms

[ This letter was taken from the American Handgunner magazine, dated Sept 1992 page 18 ] 

Bill Ruger is the epitome of a hypocrite and is queen of the "Anti-Whores".  He is a greedy old bastard and an enemy of freedom loving Americans.  Bill Ruger and Sturm Ruger Firearms products should be chastised and disdained.

So I say good-bye and good riddance to "Bubba Bill" and "Bastard Bill" and end this editorial with some simple advice: "Don't smoke "fishy" smelling cigars and Boycott Ruger!  

I am, as always, on the Verge...

Virgil Stone - Freedom Fighter
Firearm & Adventure Journalist
Gunnery Network News Team