The "Anti" Defined

What "The Antis" say they want...
what a "Gun Guy" says it really means.

Written by Marv Stenhammar


Know your enemy. The "Anti" defined.

     The Anti. A term used to describe the well-funded and well-organized Anti-Gun movement. Just so we are clear, "Anti" is not a term of endearment.  In fact when used by human rights activist and friends of liberty that are currently embattled on the campaign trail for freedom and the fight for the right to keep and bear arms, it is just about the worst thing one can say about the opposition.  At least the worst one can say in polite company. Let there be no doubt that in this context, Anti is an insult, an epithet and a disparaging remark. It is a label for our enemy, because the millions of people who support individual liberty also equate "Anti Gun" with "Anti Liberty" and "Anti Gun" with "Anti Freedom". We could rightfully call them "Anti Liberty, Anti Freedom, Anti Civil Rights, Anti American, Anti Bill of Rights, Anti Gun, Anti Mom and Anti Apple Pie idiots" but for ease of use and for the sake of brevity we simply call them "Anti".

     The "Anti" camp includes "No Mules for Sister Sarah" Brady of HCI infamy. A Republican Party insider turned "Ultra Anti" when a nut case capped her old man in the noggin, while trying to assassinate President Reagan. I understand Jim's diminished capacity; hell he's got a hole in his head. Sad Sarah's mental disorder is impossible for me to understand and as she was a "God, Guns & Guts" Reagan Republican, her changing sides and sleeping with the enemy is unforgivable. Sarah's HCI is responsible for more Anti B.S., lies and rhetoric than all the other antis combined. In this fight for freedom HCI is the penultimate enemy and Sarah Brady is their queen.

     The "Politico Anti".  Scary Senators and Cranky Congressmen oh my!  This ill begotten crowd includes elected officials of varying "prominence", mostly from the socialist elite of the Democratic Party.  Political hacks like "Chargin' Chucky" "The Boomer Schumer" and his gal pals "Barb Wire Barbara" Boxer and her ugly ornamented clone and senatorial sister "Doomsday Dianne" Feinstein. Hereafter simply referred to as "Babs" and "Di Di" the PRK cheerleaders from hell.  (PRK = People's Republic of Kalifornia). Together, this unholy alliance is responsible for introducing some of the most repressive anti civil rights legislation ever proposed and collectively advocating firearm policies that would make Stalin proud.  

     The "Talking Head" Anti. Talking Head Antis grace our TV screens every day and every evening. We welcome them into our living rooms, our bedrooms and even our bathrooms. They are as trusted and familiar to many of us as our own family members. They speak with confidence and authority on all issues and in modern times are the proverbial givers of truth and the 4th branch of our political system. They claim to be "The Folk" but they are highly paid media elitists. When it comes to guns, they are nattering naysayers of negativity. These media giants include "Pistol Pete" Jennings, "Dancin' Dan" Rather, "Tommy can you hear me" Brokejaw and most of the other "head shots" in main stream media. When it comes to Guns, the main stream media is completely and unabashedly "Anti". Simply mention the word gun, and the much-vaunted journalistic ethic and professional objectivity disappear like so many pork chops at a Rosie O'Donnell luncheon.

     The "Glam Anti". Now we add in a few well coifed, designer clad, very pretty and glamorous antis. Hand wringing "Hanoi Jane" wanna bee's from Hollyweird, espousing their anti gun rhetoric on TV, at large fundraisers and at Spago's. They have power lunches at Wolfgang Puck. They speak about the "issues" and belittle the unwashed masses and the red neck gun nuts while sitting at "The Ivy" for divine desserts. They thumb their collective powdered noses at real Americans while spending more for eating some Sushi at Sasabune, than the average working family makes in a week. "Glam Antis" represent themselves as down to earth and completely in touch with the real issues. In real life they are out of touch and incomplete without bulletproof limousines, gated mansions and well armed security teams.

    The "Anti Mom." Only of late have we added the "50 Thousand Mathematically Challenged Mom's", better known in the mainstream media as the benevolent organizers of the "Million Mom March".  Not only can they not count; they can not get a clue. Fact. The biggest victims of gun control are women and the poor. The most likely to be raped, attacked, injured or killed by a violent criminal in America are women. Yet this group of liberated and "enlightened" women espouse the unilateral disarmament of our society's most venerable members. Ironically, one of the most basic and certainly most common human instincts is the maternal instinct. The tenacious way a "mother" protects her brood is well established and greatly admired. So much for Mom getting it on with a bad guy to protect herself or her children or busting a cap in a black bear's butt to save her family. These "Misguided Mathematically Challenged Moms" are doing more to set back women's rights than the Ayatollahs and the "Radical Right" could ever manage.

The Anti Agenda.

     The Anti's vary in complexity, credibility and effectiveness but all of them are calling for a range of very restrictive anti civil rights and anti gun measures that they argue will make America safe for "the children" and magically prevent violence. On the other side, the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) and the many "Pro Civil Rights" Second Amendment Activists and organizations and many others from the "silent majority" counter that stricter gun laws will only hinder law-abiding citizens from exercising their constitutional right to bear arms and will have little or no impact on criminals who by definition ignore gun laws.

     To keep things in proper perspective and in an effort to ensure fair play, I have listed most of "The Anti Agenda" with their demands and ideas below and have included the official NRA position on the same issues. For kicks and for some real "let the cat out of the bag" perspective, I have added bulleted responses, explaining what a gun guy thinks it really means and detail the implications of the anti way. The bulleted remarks are only my opinions of course, but they are based on sound logic and common sense.  

Licensing and Registration -- The Antis want mandatory licensing of all handgun owners and registration of all handguns as a way to hold gun owners accountable for their "weapons" use, just as licensing drivers helps enforce traffic laws. The NRA argues that such laws don't work because gun-toting criminals ignore licensing laws; only responsible citizens would end up standing in line to be fingerprinted.

Safety Training -- The Anti wants mandatory safety training for all handgun buyers. They want you to be certified by the state before you can buy or own a gun. The NRA says and rightfully so, that the NRA is the leader in voluntary firearm safety training and that its programs have been very successful. Accidental gun death are down to only a fraction of what they were in 1910 and we have 25 times more guns and gun owners in today's America. The NRA also contends that requiring training creates an unfair obstacle to gun buyers.

Safety Devices -- The Anti wants all new handguns to have child-safety devices, such as trigger locks or "smart technology" that recognizes the owner. The NRA and critics say safety locks can prevent gun owners from using their firearms as defensive weapons, but encourage gun locks where applicable.

Background Checks -- The Anti wants these checks for all handgun purchases to make sure criminals and the mentally ill cannot buy firearms. The NRA supports background checks, even at gun shows, which are now exempted for individual person to person sales. This is the infamous "Gun Show Loophole". The NRA argues that recent proposals in Congress to require such checks, however, were crafted by opponents who truly aimed to shut down gun shows. The NRA wants to make sure gun shows thrive as a way for collectors to trade guns.

Purchase Limits -- The Anti's want handgun purchases limited to one per month per buyer, contending that this measure would make it riskier and less profitable for black market gun dealers to hire straw purchasers (with clean backgrounds) to buy large amounts of guns in states with lax gun laws and reselling them in New York City, Chicago, Detroit and New Jersey or other cities and states with tougher restrictions. The NRA says it is unfair to ration a legal product that way.

Federal Regulations -- The Anti's say guns should be subject to consumer safety laws, as are toys, food, and other goods. The NRA says firearm makers are already heavily regulated by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and state agencies.

Enforcement -- Antis and the NRA agree that existing gun laws must be enforced.

A Gun Guy Speaks.

     We have it in our power as a great country, full of smart and well meaning people, to beat the problems of crime and violence. We are already well on our way. The media and the anti faction won't tell you that crime is at an all time low and gun crime and accidental injury caused by the misuse of guns is also at an all time low. I don't want to minimize our crime rate or the unfortunate injuries and deaths caused by the criminal misuse of guns. One accidental gun death per year is one to many, and one convicted violent criminal with a gun is one to many as well. Training and information is the key to this problem. Not oppressive restrictions that punish lawful gun owners.

     Our effort to make this country a better place has to start with people taking care of other people and rests within the family, in what ever form the family is defined as these days. Strict punishment and long prison sentences for the small percentage of hard core repeat offenders would eliminate 98% of the crime in America. We have to develop a social system that lets people know that violence against others will not be tolerated in any form, except for in the case of legitimate self defense. This edict must be stressed and it must be backed up by a civil mindset that keep our men from beating our women and parents from beating their children. Violence begets further violence. We must take care of our poor and abused children and create social and education systems that help the poor and disadvantaged in our society, by giving them a hand up, not a hand out. 

     We must still hold people responsible for their actions and not blame society for misdeeds and crime. Until we do we will be faced with violent youth and dangerous criminal behavior.  We are on our way America. Crime and violence can be further reduced by working together and by focusing on our problems, not by restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens. We must have a national policy against violence, poverty and social injustice, not a policy against lawful gun ownership and law abiding gun owners.

Keep and Bear Arms, Live Free or Die!


Marvin Stenhammar is a Retired Army Special Forces Master Sergeant, a Gun Guy, an  Outdoor Writer, a Firearms Instructor and Gun Rights Activist.  Marv is also the Founder and Director of Gunnery Network, a large non-commercial firearms information web at

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