Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?

If it doesn’t smell, how can it work? We tell people to clean their gun as many times as they want with their old trusted smelly gun cleaner and then clean their bore with MPro7 Cleaner. The patch will come out dark gray or black. MPro7 is removing carbon that has probably been in the bore since the first test fire. This is indisputable proof that MPro7 Ultimate Cleaning Technology is the best.

Do I need to oil the gun after I clean it? Yes. MPro7 Cleaner completely strips all of the oil and grease from the surface of the firearm. Therefore, we recommend re-oiling with MPro7 Ultimate Gun Lubrication after cleaning.

Can I soak parts in MPro7 Gun Cleaner? Yes. This is the easiest and most effective way to clean gun parts, frames and even bores. (Remove grips, stocks & optics before soaking). MPro7 is completely non-corrosive so you can let the parts soak indefinitely as long as they are completely covered with liquid. Use an airtight lid to prevent evaporation. The solution can be reused several times and filtered through a cloth or panty hose to make it last longer.

What if I just love the smell of those old cleaners? In this case, take a bottle of your favorite smelly brand, open it up and set it next to you while cleaning with MPro7 Gun Cleaner. Please use adequate ventilation and safety precautions.

How often should a firearm be cleaned? Most gun manufacturers and MPro7 recommend cleaning every time the firearm is used. This will insure that the firearm will be functional in a time of need as well as extend its' life. Firearms were designed to shoot clean. Make sure the firearm is unloaded before cleaning. Everyday "carry firearms" should be cleaned weekly.

Will MPro7 harm painted firearm surfaces? No. MPro7 is safe on all properly applied quality finishes. However, it will safely remove water-based paints or finishes. If in the rare instance, your finish is removed, please contact us immediately at the 800 number on the bottle. Some manufacturers have been experimenting with water based finishes. Any cleaner will remove them eventually. MPro7 simply removes them quicker. All of the manufacturers have been very cooperative in fixing this problem at no cost to the consumer.

Is MPro7 Gun Cleaner the same as MP-7 Gun Cleaner? Yes. It is the exact same product. In 1995, we were issued a TM on the MP-7 logo. We since learned that the name was also registered to another company. Although there is no trademark infringement, in respect and to avoid any possible confusion, we voluntarily changed our name to MPro7. We are not affiliated with the Must for Rust Co or MP-7 Rust Remover.

What if I can not get all the cleaner off of the firearm? In liquid form, MPro7 breaks down oil and grease. If all of the cleaner can not be wiped off, make sure to completely dry the firearm before re-oiling. This can be done quickly and easily with compressed air or a blow dryer.

What type of bore brush should I use? The standard bronze bristle bore brush is the best all around brush. Stainless steel is excellent for stubborn fouling removal. Nylon brushes do not have enough agitation strength to be effective in the bore with any type of cleaner. TornadoŽ style brushes do not work well with MPro7 Gun Cleaner.

Will MPro7 Gun Cleaner harm my unprotected oil finished stock? No. MPro7 will not damage the wood of the stock. However, it will safely and quickly remove the oil from unprotected wood. Simply re-oil the stock with your normal oil and it will blend in.>

Do any Law Enforcement Agencies use MPro7 Products? Yes. Police Departments throughout the world use our products. In addition, Heckler & Koch, the premiere law enforcement weapons manufacturer, recommends MPro7 Products for use on their firearms.

Will MPro7 Gun Cleaner remove Cosmoline and petroleum preservatives? Yes. MPro7 removes these stubborn protectants quickly. Wipe off excess pro-tectant. Then liberally spray or soak parts and stocks in the cleaner and wipe clean.

Is MPro7 Gun Cleaner a water-based citrus cleaner? No. MPro7 is a blend of chelating agents, corrosion inhibitors and surfactants in a non-toxic solvent base. In addition, citrus cleaners are normally acidic and can corrode metal.

Will MPro7 Gun Cleaner harm my Trijcon type night sights? No. MPro7 will not harm any night sights currently on the market, even in a soaking tank. However, some dot sights are water-based paint and can be removed.

After cleaning with MPro7, the bluing looks whitish or faded. What did you do to my gun? This is very normal on some blued finishes. When oil is stripped from a blued surface, the clean metal can look faded, whitish or even spotted. MPro7 Gun Cleaner does not cause this; it is the actual appearance of the metal. Apply a thin coat of MPro7 Ultimate Gun Lubrication to the metal and the bluing will most likely come back looking better than before. This combination is also excellent for restoring or enhancing the bluing on older firearms.

Is MPro7 safe on cold bluing, after-market or non-factory finishes? Yes. MPro7 is completely safe to use on quality after-market or non-factory finishes such as RobarŽ, TeflonŽ, and Parkerizing. While MPro7 will not harm metal, it has been known to "clean" some types of cold bluing finishes off firearms.

What if I don't like MPro7 Products? If our products do not work the way you feel they should or do not accomplish what you set out to do, send in a request for a refund and a copy of the sales receipt to the address below. MPro7 will refund your money in full (including shipping if applicable). We will not compromise on customer satisfaction.