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Armed Citizens and Crime Control

Authentic quotes From the Founding Fathers (GunCite

Bogus Anti-Gunner Quotes,

Bogus Founders Quotes (GunCite)

Bogus Founders Quotes (SAF)

Bogus Founding Father Quotes

Check your firearms to ensure they are not Stolen

Christian Guide to Small Arms

Compendium of Terminology Abbreviations & Acronyms

Concealed Carry Inc

Cowboy Action Shooting

Dan's Firearm and Freedom Page

D.C's Freedom & Resource Page (Inspirational to say the least!)

Fact Sheet: Brady bill, What you really got!

Fact Sheet: The War against Handguns!

The Federalist

Firearms Tactical Institute

Firearms Safety at Home

Firearms General Safety Rules

Firearms in America: The Facts

Firearms Safety in America

Gun Chat

GOA Firearm Facts

GunCite..(Outstanding resource)!


Gun Index.com

Gun Laws Around the world; Do they Work??

Guns Save Life dot com

Gun Truths The Truth About Guns

Gun Zone!

Handguncontrolinc.org (not what you might think)

Hand Gun Control. FREE STUFF! got to see this!

Hand Gun Control on the Second Amendment (GunCite)

HCI A Total Stranger to the TRUTH!

Internet Shooting Directory. (Exhaustive Resources and Sites)

Joe's Second Amendment Home Page

Just Facts- Gun Control

JW's Place...More than it seems!

Keep and Bears Arms.Org

God and Gun Control

Lady Shooter (for the ladies)

License Guns like cars? Maybe that's not a bad idea!

License Services

Link Select.com

Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners

Molon Labe What does it mean? As firearms owners it should be our cry

Mothers Arms (You will never be safer than there)

Myths About gun control Fifteen of them

Oregon Firearms Federation

A Nation Of Cowards ( A Must Read!!)

Misc Organizations

Parable of the Sheep ( A must read!! )

Pro/Anti gun News Updated continuously!!

Reloading-Dillon Precision Inc.

Reloading Safety

Sandy's Target Homepage

Shooters Enrichment Program

Spirit of 76 Gun page

~spwengers Defensive Use of Firearms (you have to try this!)

Sundown at Coffin Rock

Sunrise at Coffin Rock

The Second Amendment; an Individual right!

The Vanguard

The Unabridged Second Amendment! The 2nd Defined.

Why Women Should Care about the RKBA!


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