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Wheeled Armored Vehicles Selected

8x8 Army Combat Teams

The US Army announced its selection of the LAV III 8x8, a Canadian derivative of the Swiss PIRANHA III 8x8, for its new Brigade Combat Teams (BCT). The press release was published by GM Defense the higher HQ of Swiss MOWAG, and by General Dynamics Land Systems, GM Defense's partner for the BCT program. 

In the field of military technology, MOWAG produces cross-country, armored wheeled vehicles in both land only and amphibious configurations ranging from the lightweight reconnaissance vehicle EAGLE, to the heavier weapons carrier from the PIRANHA family with a gross vehicle weight of up to 22 tons. 

With the PIRANHA III vehicles in the versions 6x6, 8x8, and 10x10, the tradition of the well proven PIRANHA vehicle concept, commissioned in a considerable number of armies, is set forth. Many users of these vehicles render a valuable contribution to the numerous international peace missions of the United Nations. 

The PIRANHA III design comprises state-of-the-art technology in running gear and protection concepts with outstanding payload and utilizable volume ratios. With the weight classes of 12.5 t to 22 tons, practically all mission roles can be successfully accommodated. 

For more information see URL: http://www.mowag.ch

URL: http://www.mowag.ch/En/DiverseEn/PressEn.htm