Glock Feels Impact of Government Gun Purchase Policy


Handgun manufacturer Glock said it is
beginning to feel the impact of a
campaign by the Bubba Clinton
administration that encourages
municipal police departments to only
do business with firearms makers that
sign a government safety agreement,
the Wall Street Journal reported June

According to Paul Jannuzzo, Glock's
vice president and general counsel,
the company has been told by five
cities in the United States that they are
delaying acquisitions totaling about
2,000 Glock pistols, and may cancel
the purchases.

Glock is the major supplier of U.S.
police weapons. The company's
acknowledgment of delays and
cancellations is the first indication of
the potential effectiveness of the
Clinton administration's main pressure
tactics against the gun industry.

To date, Smith & Wesson is the only
gun manufacturer to agree to the
Clinton administration's plan, which
requires gunmakers to restrict how
handguns are made and sold. In
exchange, Smith & Wesson has been
dropped from lawsuits against the gun