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Project .50/.50 -/- The War Wagon
A Gunnery Network Special Report
By: Marv Stenhammar -  Photos Copyright 1999 Stenhammar Viking

Project .50/.50 The War Wagon
Project .50/.50 - The War Wagon

Project .50/.50 is the brain child of Ted Van Duyn [left] and Phil Flack of P.F. Custom Guns.  The Project Combines Two (2) of the most powerful, and therefor most fun to shoot,  firearms in the world, with a a fun to drive transport / gun barer vehicle with plenty of power,  excellent mobility and all terrain capabilities.  The pictured [front] .50 is a Barrett M82A1 with mounting accesories from Barret and from P.F. Guns.  Project .50/.50 so where's the other .50?  A trailer and custom mount is being designed and built that will transport a .50 Cal M2 HB Flex Automatic Heavy Machine Gun.  The Ma Duce!   Look back here for more info as available.

The most commonly asked question we get on Project .50/.50 is;  "What's it for?"  The simple answer is "It is a Gun Barer and Transport Assemblage for 2 fine guns that are wonderfully fun to shoot yet  almost impossible to carry".  That satisfies most concerns, but we can always fall back on our 2nd most common responce: Have you ever carried a Barrett or a Ma Duce!? ... The Ammo...?  Nuff said.

This project is still underway and you are encouraged to bookmark this site and check back for additional information and graphics on the War Wagon.

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Project .50/.50 -/- The "Barrett"
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Barrett M82A1 .50 Cal BMG with Pelican Case, Swarovski Optics and 10 round Mags.

The Weapons Systems:

FrontBarrett Model 82A1 Caliber .50 BMG Semi-Automatic Rifle

Employment: Special Purpose / Anti-materiel Weapon System

Undoubtedly the best-known .50 caliber semi-automatic rifle in the world, the Barrett M82A1 is the most widely used .50 caliber by military organizations around the world and the U.S. Military and several  law enforcement agencies.  The Barrett 82A1 rifles are successfully used against a large variety of targets, often at staggering ranges, and perform excellently.

The Model 82A1 is a fully matured, special purpose/anti-materiel weapon system.   With its battle-proven performance and massive popularity, the M82A1 is the rifle to own.

NSN# 1005-01-340-9519
Caliber: .50 BMG
Operation: Short Recoil, Semi-Automatic
Overall Length: 57 Inches
Disassembled Length: 38 Inches
Barrel Length: 29 Inches
Weight: 30 Lbs.
Feed Device: 10 Round Box Magazine
Match Grade Barrel

Accessories Used as Pictured above:

OPTICS: Custom Heavy Duty Telescope    MANUFACTURER: Swarovski / Barrett



Recoil Absorption
Soft Mount



The Flack Mount








Milled Receiver



In The Beginning...

50 cal. 10x  30 mm Tube
Mil-Dot Cross-Hair Reticle
120 MOA Adjustment
Barrett Custom Ranging Reticle

Barrett Scope Rings
4140 Chrome Moly Construction
Sizes from 1 inch to 30 mm


All Stainless Construction
Available with Large or Small Pintle
Center of Balance and Bore Design




Solid Steel Plate
Steel Rods & Tubing
Custom Milled Flack Receiver





Some Flack Mount Components:
Click Here

Custom Milled Receiver Click Here



Pre-Mount: View of the Honda Grizzly sans mounts.  Note wench.



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Project .50/.50 -/- The "Ma Duce"
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Browning M2 Heavy Barrel Flex .50 Caliber Heavy Machine Gun

The Rear Weapon System:

BMG - Browning M2 HB Flex .50 Cal. Automatic Heavy Machine Gun

Employment: Heavy Machine Gun / Anti-Materiel / Anti-Vehicular / Anti Air Weapon

Machine Gun, Cal. .50, M2 Series

Undoubtedly the best-known .50 Caliber Heavy Machine Gun in the World.   The .50 cal. (12.7mm) M2 Heavy Machine Gun or BMG Browning Machine Gun, was developed by John M. Browning at the  end of World War I.  After a series of early water-cooled, aircraft, and tank models were  tested in the 1920s, an improved version was adopted in 1933 as the Browning M2   water-cooled machine gun.  

Subsequent models (.50 cal. M2 aircraft gun and M2 heavy barrel  gun) using the same  receiver, were adopted by the Army. During World War II, nearly two   million M2 machine guns  of all variations were produced. The M2 was manufactured until  1946, but toward the end of  1976, the U.S. Army took steps to begin new production and  rebuild of the M2 to replace  seriously depleted stocks. Many M2s had been demilitarized  following World War II.

Emergency supply of M2s to the Israeli Defense Forces during the 1973 Yom Kippur war was
also a serious drain on supplies. The M2 machine gun was selected as the commander's
weapon for use on the M1 series main battle tank. The continuing success of the M2 is a
tribute to Browning's design genius.  

The Browning M2 .50 cal. Machine Gun is an automatic, belt-fed, recoil operated, air-cooled,
crew-operated machine gun. By repositioning some of the component parts, ammunition may
be fed from either the left or right side. A disintegrating metallic link-belt is used to feed the
ammunition into the weapon. This gun may be mounted on ground mounts and most vehicles
as an anti-personnel and anti-aircraft weapon. The gun is capable of single-shot (ground M2),
as well as automatic fire and was used to a very limited degree as a sniper weapon during
the Vietnam war.

The M2 .50 cal. flexible version is used as a ground gun on the M3 tripod mount or various
Naval mounts. The M2 .50 cal., M48 turret type, fixed type, and soft mount are installed on
mounts of several different types of combat vehicles and ships. The weapon provides
automatic weapon suppressive fire for offensive and defensive purposes. This weapon can   be used effectively against personnel, light armored vehicles; low, slow flying aircraft; and  small boats.

The Browning M2 .50 caliber (12.7mm) Machine Gun, is a World War II era automatic,   belt-fed, recoil operated, air-cooled, crew-operated machine gun.   By repositioning some of  the component parts, ammunition may be fed from either the left or right side. A disintegrating  metallic link-belt is used to feed the ammunition into the weapon. This gun may be mounted   on ground mounts and most vehicles as an anti-personnel and anti-aircraft weapon.  The
gun is capable of single-shot (ground M2), as well as automatic fire.


The Browning machine gun, caliber (cal) .50 heavy barrel (HB), M2, is a belt-fed, short recoil-operated, air-cooled, crew-served machine gun. The gun is capable of single-shot as
well as automatic fire.

The M2 Caliber .50 machine gun can be used to provide a heavy volume of long-range,   automatic fire to suppress or kill enemy personnel. It can penetrate some buildings and field
fortifications, destroy lightly armored vehicles, and provide extremely accurate fire against
bunker openings. Its incendiary and armor-piercing-incendiary ammunition can be used to
ignite material and equipment. Used with the M63 antiaircraft mount, it can provide point
defense fires against enemy aircraft. 

Employed on the M36A2 vehicle ring mount, it can give combat support and combat service
support units a readily available source of heavy firepower to protect themselves against
surprise ground or air attack.

m2-small.jpg (45276 bytes)


MUZZLE VELOCITY 3,050  FPS [Feet Per Second]

m2components.jpg (167680 bytes)
Major Components of the M2 .Caliber .50

m2ammo1.jpg (152241 bytes)
.50 Caliber Ammunition

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Project .50/.50 -/- The Transporterbeasty-small.jpg (201337 bytes)
The Transporter - 600cc Yamaha GRIZZLY 4x4 ATV

The "Beasty" or What Puts The Wagon in War Wagon?

Grizzly Information

Think of the Grizzly as the patriarch of Yamaha's Bear Family: big, strong, fearless, and
prepared to discipline all other ATV's who may challenge his supremacy. Respect of this
kind isn't manufactured; it's earned. And ever since the Grizzly debuted last season, it's
been leaving its mammoth, 600cc Paw Print all across the four-wheel-drive utility ATV
landscape by winning awards like 4-Wheel ATV Action Magazine's "ATV of the Year."

Now the biggest, baddest ATV in the industry is back, and not only is he stronger than ever,
but this year he's leaner and meaner too. (Shows you what a little off-season cross training
will do.)  Who would dare get in his way?  Especially considering that all that muscle is leashed
to the world's most sophisticated fully automatic transmission, with a unique centrifugal clutch  combined with a one-way sprag clutch that ensures superior, consistent all-wheel engine braking.

And for those fool enough to challenge him, the Grizzly's On-Command 2WD/4WD power and   long-travel suspension are quick to silence them with the sort of light, responsive steering usually  reserved for smaller, nimbler beasts.  There can only be one king of the woods. And his name is  Grizzly.

Features and Benefits:

* Four-stroke, air-cooled 600cc Yamaha powerplant

* Industry leader with most power and torque of any 4WD utility ATV.

*  Industry's only ATV with exclusive Ultramatic' V-belt transmission, with primary centrifugal clutch ensuring superior all-wheel engine braking on downhills or while hauling heavy loads.

* Convenient, handlebar-mounted On-Command' push-button 2WD/4WD select switch provides in/out 4WD. Long-travel (6.3" in front, 7.5" in rear) suspension and light, responsive steering deliver superior maneuverability and rider comfort.

* 10.6" of ground clearance.

* Dual-range drive system with reverse delivers extra versatility, more power in low, and the best performance in high of any ATV in its class.

* 1212-pound towing capacity.

* Maintenance-free front and rear shaft drive with fully sealed drive case ensures reliability.

* New-for-'99 aluminum wheels mean less unsprung weight for better handling and a plusher ride.

* Dual front disc brakes for serious stopping power.

*  Large 5.0-gallon fuel tank for long-range exploring.

Please Check Back Soon For the Conclusion of Project .50/.50

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Project .50/.50 "The War Wagon" Select Graphics

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