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On Freedom
Written by Timothy Kast - Memorial Day 2000

On a recent trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the Vietnam Veterans' 
Memorial I was struck by a stark inconsistency in our elected officials. I thought this particularly relevant during this election year and I wanted to share it with my readers.  If you have ever been to our nations capital, then you are aware of its great strength and beauty as one of our most hallowed cities.  One has only to reflect on the most precious contribution that our patriots have given over the years to be choked with pride and gladness.  The Wall and the Korean War Veterans' Memorial moved me to awe, inspiration, and tears.  Christ instructed us (St. John 15:13) "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

Then I strolled through Arlington Cemetery as row upon row of our
nation's heroes tell of their stirring bravery often in the grim face of
overwhelming odds.  These verdant rolling hills were once the sanctuary of another distinguished American, the South's very own Robert E. Lee.

Next I marveled at the gilded Victory astride her equally golden steed
ablaze in glory.  I walked the brown brick streets, felt the crisp May
breeze, listened as Old Glory snapped among the cherry blossoms and came away with one burning thought that begged the all important question.  How can the people we hire to run our beautiful land, that work in this fair, pleasant city take advantage of our trust, faith and kindness year in and year out?  If you haven't visited Washington, D.C. recently, do so soon; and in this election year of the new millennia, 'the first day of the rest of our lives', ask yourself the same question.


Timothy Kast

Introducing Timothy Kast

Tim Kast is a military historian and writer from Asheville, North Carolina.  He joins Team Gunnery Network after a long and distinguished writing career that includes National Privateer,  Roadracing World, Easyriders, Big Bike, Choppers, In the Wind, Motorcyclist, and Behind the Lines.  His focus of expertise is on Vietnam Era SEALs, UDTs, and Boat Support Units. 

Tim is the secretary and treasurer of SEAL Team Zero, a fraternal and philanthropic organization designed to recognize the dignity, bravery and brotherhood of the United States Navy's SEA, AIR and LAND (SEAL) Teams.

Tim is a close personal friend as well as an avid shooter, outdoorsman, archer, and advocate for liberty. Tim has specific competencies and expertise in firearms, wolf-hybrid and dog handling, advanced K9 training, search and rescue operations, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and class III weapons. Tim will be contributing frequent articles about life, liberty and arms on the Gunnery Network and can also be seen on his new web page at 
URL: http://www.TheOfficesOf0530.com 

All hail!  And welcome our newest writer and friend Tim Kast.

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