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Walther P99
Into the New Millennium
Waltehr P-99
Written by Deputy Louis C. Wig


The new Walther P99 the company's first serious entry into America's law enforcement and self-defense market.  Walther pistols, while being some of the best pistols produced, were not widely known outside of collectors, military personnel and movie buffs in the US since the end of WWII.  I met my first Walther, a PP, in the early '80's while serving in Germany, when I purchased a reworked PP in 7.65mm at the Bad Tolz Rod and Gun Club for $110.00. This pistol is about the most reliable handgun I've ever owned and I was also impressed with its simplicity and sturdy construction. The P99 fully lives up to its predecessors in reliability, function and simplicity.

I am by no means an expert in handguns and, like many others, my introduction to pistols came with my entry into military service and the venerable Colt M-1911. Other than the trusty Army .45 my experience in pistols has been limited to the Browning Hi-Power, the S & W Model 28 .357 and the H & K USP (my duty weapon). With this array of pistols I always felt confidence with what I carry, whether in service or for personal protection. My reason for a change came with the introduction of the .40 Auto cartridge and Marvelous Marvin Stenhammar.

The P99 comes out of the box with 4 front sights (one mounted), adjustable rear sites, 3 grip backstraps and 2 Mec-Gar magazines. The medium grip backstrap is already installed. My only modification was to add Trijicon night sights.


Shortly after joining the Sheriff's Department, I 'hooked up' with some fellow deputies that that were retired or ex-military (amazing how this gravitational phenomenon occurs), who shoot regularly at several police and private ranges in the Central Arkansas area. All take shooting seriously and as in the service shoot a lot more than scheduled familiarization or requalification. Our course of fire is always similar to our qualification course of 25 down to 3 yards, 50 rounds. Shooting included left and right hand firing, rapid reloading and from the holster. The difference being the low shooter had to make a low pass by the local Class VI store to provide for refreshments after weapons are cleaned and secured.

The ammunition I fired was Speer Gold Dot 180 & 165 gr. GDHP, Remington 180 gr. JHP, COR BON 165 gr. JHP, Winchester 180 gr. BEB and Federal 180 gr HI-SHOK JHP.

The P99 performed flawlessly with each of these cartridges. In fact, the only function problems I've ever heard have been when sub-sonic ammo was used. I had tight shot groups with each make with the Speer Gold Dot being the tightest.

The P990 is identical in design to the P99 except it is DAO


The first thing you notice is the P99's trigger pull, its long and is in double- action, the next shots are in single action with no take-up. It took me some getting used to, but before too long you adapt. The P99 is truly an ambidextrous gun from loading to cleaning, there's an ambidextrous magazine release and break down can be easily accomplished with either hand.

Breaking the gun down is simple: Remove the magazine, clear the chamber, decock the striker, push down on the barrel catch tabs located on either side above the trigger and pull the slide forward off the frame. Then remove the recoil spring and barrel as you normally would with most other autos.

The P99 features four safeties, the trigger safety, internal striker safety, the decocking safety and the drop safety. When the first shot trigger will go to single action after you've squeezed the trigger back, elected not to fire and pressed the decocker.

The P99, originally in 9mm, had its slide beefed up about an ounce when the pistol was chambered for .40 S & W. The P99 is a pleasure to shoot, easy to maintain and clean and is easily concealable. Once  again Walther has lived up to its reputation of producing a reliable, accurate and functioning pistol, while maintaining simplicity.



P99 / P99QPQ


Traditional Double Action


9mm, .40 Auto



Law Enforcement & Military

10 + 1 (Normal Humans)
 9 mm = 16 + 1 - .40 Auto = 12 + 1


4"  9mm, 4.12" .40 Auto


7"  9mm, 7.12" .40 Auto




25.0 oz.




White Dot with 4 interchangeable Blades


2 Dot Adjustable


Striker, Trigger, Out of battery, Decocker


Black or Green Polymer with 3 interchangeable Backstraps with Lanyard Loop


Polymer, Slide-Tenifer Finished Hardened Steel


Frame: Black or Green; Slide: Silver or Black


Includes 2 Magazines

Walther P99 Accessories

Ambidextrous Nylon Holster

#26300 - Ambidextrous Nylon Holster

Walther P99 Belt Holster

#26503 - Walther P99 Belt Holster

Ambidextrous Nylon Holster with Pouch

#26400 - Ambidextrous Nylon
Holster with Pouch

Walther P99 Tactical Thigh Holster

#41183 - P99 Tactical Thigh Holster

Pouch for 3v Tac Light

#8877-1 Pouch for 3v Tac Light

BA-5 3v Tac Light Assembly

#14153 BA-5 3v Tac Light Assembly

BA-5 6v Tac Light

#14154 BA-5 6v Tac Light Assembly

Tac Light Replacement Bulb
#85020 - 3v
Replacement Bulb

#85019 - 6v
Replacement Bulb

3 Volt Laser

#15511 - 6 Volt Laser
#20866 - 3 Volt Laser

Pouch for 6v Tac Light

#8869-1 Pouch for 6v Tac Light

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