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Daley Lawsuit Points to Chilling Attack
on Gun Buyers' Right to Privacy

CHICAGO, June 8 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The Illinois State Rifle 
Association (ISRA) is expressing concern today over the intent of a 
lawsuit filed Wednesday by the City of Chicago against the Bureau of 
Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF). 

According to published reports, the lawsuit seeks to compel the 
Bureau to release personal information about Illinois citizens who 
have purchased more than one handgun within a 5 day period. 
Information demanded by the city includes data on law-abiding 
citizens who made multiple handgun purchases in full compliance with 
federal law, and who are not under any sort of criminal 
investigation. The city maintains that it needs such information to 
support its controversial $433 million lawsuit against law-abiding 
firearm manufacturers. 

The ISRA suspects that the Daley Administration has ulterior 
motives for filing its lawsuit against the BATF. During the 1999 
legislative session, Daley allies in the Illinois General Assembly 
attempted to pass a series of gun control bills that would have 
seriously eroded the privacy of law-abiding firearm owners. 

If passed, the legislation would have granted Chicago officials 
unrestricted access to statewide firearm purchase records -- without 
the benefit of a court order. Even the Democratically controlled 
House shot down this brazen Daley attack against law abiding firearm 
owners. This recent lawsuit filed against the BATF is a clear attempt 
by Daley to use the courts to accomplish that which the state 
legislature has prohibited him from doing. The ISRA is further 
concerned that, if Daley is successful in his effort to secure 
multiple transaction records, the door will then be opened for the 
mayor to obtain records on every lawful firearm purchase in the 

"Individuals purchasing more than one handgun from a licensed 
dealer within a five day period freely submit to the special federal 
documentation process," commented ISRA president Richard Pearson. 
"They did so under the assumption that the federal government would 
protect their privacy. Little did they know that their names might 
one day end up in a file folder on Mayor Daley's desk. 

"If the Daley suit is successful, these law abiding citizens would 
then become, in effect, registered with the City of Chicago, 
regardless of where they reside in Illinois," continued Pearson. 
There is no telling what sort of harassment the Daley Administration 
has in store for these folks. "We will be watching developments in 
this case very carefully." 

The ISRA is the state's leading advocate of safe, lawful and 
responsible firearm ownership. For nearly a century, the ISRA has 
represented the interests of more than 1.5 million law-abiding 
Illinois firearm owners. 

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