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- If your company has a press release or product information that you would like to have included in our Firearm Industry, New Product or other Gunnery News web, please send it our way.  

You can send your information by e-mail, by fax, by regular mail, or feel free to give us a call.  For faster results, send your information as an e-mail attachment or as a web / html document.

We also accept catalogs and brochures by mail, but we prefer to receive information in digital form.  You can send a PC formatted floppy disk or CD with the information in text (.txt), Word (.doc) or Web (.html) format.  You can also send graphics in any common format. ( .jpg - .gif . - bmp - .jpeg )

Please include the essential elements of information and a company contact for return e-mail and phone calls.  All press releases and news reports will be confirmed, prior to publication.

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