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Sensible Gun Laws
An article inspired by "Doctors For Sensible Gun Laws"
Written by Marvin V. Stenhammar - 13 November 2000

Sensible gun laws you say. How can that be? When they talk about gun control and more gun laws, how do sensible and well-meaning gun owners respond? Sometimes we just roll our eyes and look away. Sometimes we groan and make guttural noises under our breath. Some of us get angry and try to speak out. Often times, we get so upset with all the anti-gun rhetoric and lies that we are at a loss for words, or speak out in anger and disgust, sounding stupid, scary or extreme. 

Either way, gun owners are normally at a loss to advocate any new firearm laws. The 
anti-gunners and the uninformed folks in the middle may take this lack of input and ideas as typical of "extremists" and "gun nuts". Or maybe, just so typical of our factions hatred of any gun laws. The good news is that there are some "sensible" gun laws and we gun owners should be able to promote and discuss them. We should all be able to clearly articulate some sensible gun laws and firearm policies to the anti-gunners, the press, our elected representatives and to our fellow gun and civil rights supporters. Some sensible gun laws follow:

Ten Sensible Gun Laws:

1. The right to own and possess firearms for self-defense, hunting and sport can not be infringed. No laws or statutes can be enacted that infringe upon this right.

2. The right to defend oneself is a basic human right and a civil right that can not be infringed.  As in current statutes, self-defense extends to defending those in you immediate presence from the threat of grave bodily harm or deadly force.

3. It is illegal for any person to use or possess a firearm during the commission of a felony. This simple and sensible law alone would eliminate hundreds if not thousands of redundant and ancillary gun laws.

a) Should a person possess a firearm during the commission of a felony, an additional 10 years will be added to their sentence.

b) Should a Person use a firearm during the commission of a felony, an additional 20 years will be added to their sentence.

[ The terms firearm use and firearm possession are clearly defined by state and federal statutes. A common definition of these terms would be easy to define and implement as our national legal standard. ]

4. It is illegal for a person to use or posses a firearm while under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substance. [ Provisions could be made for one whom has a legal firearm stored safely in their car after they consume alcohol. ] However, it is incumbent on the owner of the firearm to disarm themselves in a safe and sensible manner prior to the consumption of alcohol or a legal drug. A safe and sensible manor might be to lock the firearm in a home safe or a security container prior to your night on the town, or to unload your gun and place the gun in the trunk of the car, and the ammo in the glove compartment, prior to legal consumption. In the case of illegal drugs; if you use illegal drugs while in the possession of a firearm, see rule number 3 and add 10 years to your drug possession sentence.

5. It is illegal and prohibited to carry a gun when visiting a prison inmate or entering a high security area on military base.

6. It is sensible to prohibit visitors from carrying guns into government facilities that are likely targets of terrorists, such as the White House, IRS or BATF office.

7. Sensible firearm laws must allow people and businesses the right to prohibit firearm use and possession on their private property and place of business. Property and business owners can post "No Guns" signs and lawfully ask visitors to disarm prior to entry or to leave. (Although this is normally a bad idea and "No Guns" signs are a great way to advertise your vulnerability to the criminal element, we can not infringe on the rights a property owner has over their property.)

8. Places that prohibit individual firearm possession, must provide adequate security for visitors and patrons, and are legally responsible for the safety and protection of said visitors and patrons. [ This issue alone would put an end to most of the No Gun signs in America. When the bean counters figure out that a large law suit, supported by statute, may cost them millions of dollars should a visitor or patron be injured or killed by a criminal, while on their property. The legal precedent for this has been adjudicated, and large damages have been awarded to lawful gun permit and concealed carry license holders who were disarmed and subsequently shot, injured or killed by a criminal. ]

9. Another sensible and much needed proviso should be that places that prohibit the possession of arms MUST provide adequate, supervised storage facilities for the owner's firearm. Like a coat checkroom for guns. Few facilities are equipped to handle a visitor's firearm now.

10. Laws should be enacted that appropriate public funds for voluntary civilian firearms training. Additional public funds should be appropriated for the construction and maintenance of public shooting ranges.

The next time you are at a loss for words or found making animalistic noises at the anti's under your breath, simply refer to the list of sensible gun laws above. I am certain that there must be other sensible gun laws, if you have an idea for one, please send it my way. Together the honest gun owners of America can reclaim our historically honorable position. If we can talk about good gun laws we can help create a National Firearm Policy that we can all live with. Until we have a sensible National Firearm Policy we are all in danger of loosing our gun rights and our liberty.

Our goals as lawful and sensible gun owners should be simple and our views should be honest and straightforward. In simple terms we must work for the right to keep and bear arms until our national and local leaders stop threatening our right of self defense and our right to own and possess firearms. Legal and sensible gun owners see firearm ownership and possession as one of our most important civil rights.

Our National Firearms Policy should include the following tenants:

  • The right to possess firearms for self-defense, hunting and sport can not be infringed.
  • The right to defend oneself is a civil right, a basic human right that can not be infringed.
  • The right of self-defense and possession of firearms need not be granted by government and is a right that can not be taken away.
  • The 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is a personal right and that private firearm ownership is an unalienable right that protects both life and liberty, and facilitates the pursuit of happiness.
  • An armed populace is the guarantor of all other rights and the people's right to keep and bear arms shall not and can not be infringed.

We the people, as sensible, law abiding, honest gun owners, must continue to try and make 
good sense as we educate others and rationally state our beliefs. We must continue to work for the rights of firearm owners until a sensible national firearm policy exists. A national firearm policy that acknowledge our rights and includes firearm ownership, possession and the right of self-defense in all aspects of legislative, statutory and regulatory activity.

With out regard to who our next president is, we are a country of laws and it is clear that our 
congress is split almost 50 - 50. The elections are over and many of the anti-gun candidates were defeated, while other's were elected. Even with our victories, as sensible and legal gun owners we can not stop the battle for our rights and we can not let down our guard. We must continue to act in a sensible and responsible manor to encourage our newly elected and our existing political leaders, that a sensible national firearm policy is needed. A national firearm policy that includes only sensible gun laws.

Now is the time for all sensible firearm owners to come to the aide of their country.

This article was inspired by "Doctors For Sensible Gun Laws".  You can visit them on the internet at URL: http://www.KeepAndBearArms.com/dsgl

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