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Send Lawyers Guns & Money!
You can also donate in kind services and property.  We can use writers, firearms instructors, historians, news hounds, legal advisors, bill of rights activists and graphics artists as well as web weenies and html authors.

For details on in kind donations call 541-487-4902 or e-mail to [email protected].

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When you use our link to make a purchase at Amazon, Gunnery Network receives 5% of the purchase price. This does not effect your purchase price, but that 5% helps offset our server & general operating expenses. If you are buying online from Amazon, please consider using our Amazon Dot Com link. If you have not made an online purchase, give it a try.  Amazon is safe, secure and convenient.
"No Banners - No Blinkers - No Bull"
We intend to live up to our unofficial motto "No banners - No Blinkers - No Bull" and will limit the Amazon Dot Com banners to administrative pages only.
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Because of our size and traffic volume, we have to use a dedicated server. Most of the money donated to us is used to pay for a dedicated web server, extra bandwidth and other communications expenses. We also buy office supplies and upgrade our computer equipment when we can afford it. Gunnery Network has grown exponentially over the past 4 years. Our server fees and bandwidth expenses are considerable, especially for a non profit / non commercial web. Our server currently takes over 3 million hits per month and serves over 10 thousand unique files to over 150,000 computers in the U.S.A. and from countries all over the world. See "Statistics & Web Trends" for detailed information.

About Amazon

Amazon is an honest, well ran company that has demonstrated its support for the Bill of Rights and your right to read and study material and issues relating to Firearms and  Gunnery. As one of the worlds largest suppliers of books and printed material they adamantly support our First Amendment Rights and support the Second Amendment by providing hundreds of firearms related books and products.
When you use our link to make a purchase from Amazon, we receive a percentage of the total amount billed.  This does not increase you cost but it can help to defray some of our server and production expenses.

You can also make a direct donation using a credit card on the secure PayPal sever. You can do this from the footer of most of our main index pages by clicking on the Make A Donation graphic below.

Additionally, we will soon make available special Gunnery Network Promotional Items.  Stuff like Hats, T-Shirts, Posters, Calendars and Coffee Cups.  Again we will keep the banners and links to this new service as innocuous as possible.

Check back here and on the Updates Page for information as it develops.

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Proceeds from purchases made above are used to "Support Gunnery Network"