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Page Updated: 09 March 2003
Site Updates & System News - March 2003

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09 March 2003 New Webs added: Great Guns Sites

Terms & Definitions Added to: The Gun Glossary

08 March 2003 Update: Firearms Manufacturers Index

Terms & Definitions Added to: The Gun Glossary

07 March 2002 Update: Site Map & File Index
06 March 2003 Terms & Definitions Added to: The Gun Glossary
05 March 2003 Update: Gun Facts version 3.2 has been added.

In my opinion, Gun Facts is the finest document available pertaining to gun ownership and our Second Amendment rights. It dispels the many myths of firearms ownership and gives an objective and factual representation of lawful gun ownership and gun crime in this country. 

Gun Facts is a must read for all citizens, reporters, elected representatives and scholars alike.

04 March 2003 Server Upgrade Complete: See Details Below

Please Report Bad Links and Missing Files to: [email protected]

04 March 2003 Server Upgrade Complete: Our new & very powerful dedicated server is now operational.  We are victims of our success and overwhelming popularity and were again forced to "upgrade the server".

Gunnery Network has been hosted on a "Dedicated Server" for several years. We have either outgrown the capabilities of the hardware or outgrown the contracted and allocated bandwidth.

The new server is a purpose built Linux Plus Web Server with Dual AMD Athlon 2200 MP Processors, a 120 GB IDE Hard Drive, 500 GB Data Transfer, Urchin Web Stats, Miva eCommerce Suite and 4GB of SDRAM. 

More importantly the new "Server Farm" is in the Dedicated Data Center of a Tier One provider and most importantly, our new contract includes 500 GB of OC-48 bandwidth per month.  Our old server, a very capable SUN Cobalt RaQ4i was saturated with the amount of page views requested and hits served. More importantly, the contract only allowed 50 GB per month. We typically use 75-125 GB monthly, forcing us to pay substantial "Bandwidth Penalties". Over the last 2-years we have increased our bandwidth usage by a factor of 300%.

With the additional processing power and bandwidth available for development you can anticipate some new features. Including more downloads, more multi-media and more graphics. I ask you to suggest features and programs for our consideration. And ask you to check back soon for some exciting new features online soon.

Please Report Bad Links and Missing Files to: [email protected]

01 March 2003 Server Upgrade Started: You may experience connection problems and see - or not see some missing files as our files are migrated / uploaded on the new server.

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