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One if by Land

Written by R.F. De Mott
First published in the November 1995 Guns & Ammo

Our first revolution, some 200 years ago, brought forth the 
greatest nation in the history of mankind. That first "shot heard 
'round the world" was a harbinger of the hopes of free men 
everywhere, not only for themselves, but for their progeny yet 
unborn: a promise to those yet to come of a nation freed of the 
shackles of tyranny and oppression; a promise paid for in blood 
by the patriots, common men of uncommon valor, who chose 
the possibility of death over the certainty of tyranny.

These men were in the possession of the wisdom, the foresight, 
and the courage to create what can only be called the most
profound document ever set forth by the hand of man, the 
Constitution of these United States. A document that does
not presume to create rights for the people of this nation but 
merely affirms the  rights to which free men are entitled. 
Their words were true, their intent was clear and their 
purpose was to forever establish the boundaries across 
which no single individual, state or federal government 
empowered by the people could tread inviolate.

This great nation stands, for the moment, free in name only.  
The pompous, self-serving traitors within, cloaked in the veil
of self-proclaimed wisdom, presume to think themselves more 
intelligent and capable than those who founded this nation.
These parasites serve not for the privilege, the honor or joy of 
the act, but for the egotistical, self-serving reasons that 
represent the dark side of man's soul, for the money and 
benefits not extended to those of us who elevated them to
their lofty positions of power. The majority of these people have 
never held a real job or earned an honest day's pay in
their lives, yet they discuss and defame our Constitution as if
they, in their insignificance, could possibly possess the
wherewithal or intellect to understand it, no less change it.

There is a rumbling in the distant hills, a darkness that has
overshadowed this land. Across the length and breadth of this
great nation, there are hardworking law-abiding citizens,
common people standing alone and afraid in that darkness
that was once the sunlight of freedom. They are weary of
the election of representatives to whom an oath is simply so
many words, to whom a just cause is just a cause.
Our government, with the arrogance born of  people
complacent too long, has chosen to draw the line in the sand.
They have enveloped themselves in a false sense of security,
believing that we the people, the cattle, the common man, will
cower before their oppression, will lay down and surrender
our arms and our dignity, will quietly submit to their
tyranny for our own good...

That's what the British thought, too.


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