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Barrett .50 Caliber Under Fire
Fresh on the heels of the California assault rifle law successfully prohibiting the sale of our M82A1 semi-automatic rifle, several U.S. Senators led by the notorious Dianne Feinstein are now beating the war drums on the latest perceived "threat" to national security--.50 caliber rifles. Both MSNBC and Dateline NBC are preparing "documentaries" on the .50 caliber rifles, highlighting their power and availability.

Why these events are taking place is easy to understand. Following their success stories in banning or severely restricting what they have now dubbed "Saturday Night Specials" and "Assault Rifles," these left-wing politicians and media are now attempting to create a "Powerful Weapons" category. Following their familiar pattern, these legislators and media first categorize a type of gun as being particularly dangerous and unnecessary for civilians to possess. They proceed to demonize this "category" so that restrictive legislation can be passed against it. When they succeed, they never look back at the damage they have done to an industry or innocent lives, they just move on looking for another category to restrict. Besides .50 caliber it is possible that other calibers may be affected by the proposed legislation.

Although their claims as to the power of .50 caliber rifles are amusing, their intent is not. Here is some of what they say about our rifles:

  • Capable of shooting through a steel manhole cover that is 3 ˝ inches thick. (If a manhole cover existed this thick, it would weigh 475 pounds. Has anyone ever seen one of these? Who would lift it?)
  • Accurate at ranges of 4-miles. (Are they talking about 1. A Cruise missile, 2. A rifle, or 3. Our patented "BS" indicator? ) (Answer: 1 and 3 are accurate at ranges 4 miles and beyond.)
  • Readily available to "children" 18 years old. (You 18-year olds are old enough to die for your country but those of you diligent enough to save $7,300 for a rifle cannot be trusted enough to own a Barrett.)
  • While Barrett rifles may be out of the price range of some children, the General Accounting Office found them available on the Internet for $30.00 and reported this to Congress as factual. (If this all weren’t so serious, it would be really funny!!)

Real facts and what you can do:

Rifles in the "powerful" category have been around for 100 years. In that time, the number of civilian fatalities or use in a crime has been zero or a number very close to zero (we are unable to find records of any .50 caliber rifles actually used in crime.)

We’d very much appreciate it if you contacted your senators and congressmen to advise them you are against this continued assault against the gun industry. More emphasis prosecuting criminals and less making criminals out of honest, hard-working people would make our country better and safer for everyone.

Please find the address of your legislator at and voice your opinion.

More information on Barrett Rifles is at Web URL:



Mr. Tom Diaz of the Violence Policy Center (VPC) has obtained information from the recent trial of a suspected terrorist and has taken several facts out of context to suit his anti-gun agenda. Mr. Diaz would have you believe that the U.S. gun industry is so greedy, evil and un-American that it can and would sell guns to terrorists. Based on Mr. Diaz’ misleading information, news articles are appearing stating that Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Inc. sold guns to Bin Laden and that now our troops will face these weapons. 

What is the truth? Well, during the 1980’s it must be remembered that the U.S. was supporting the Afghanistan “freedom fighters” or Mujahedeen in their fight against the Russian invaders. As part of the U.S. initiative, various types of small arms, ammunition and even anti-aircraft Stinger missiles were given to these “freedom fighters” in support of their cause. In retrospect we can say that we learned too late that our former friends would become our enemies, and yes, our troops now face the very weapons our government supplied the opposition. 

So how did the Mujahedeen buy this equipment from U.S. companies? Did they walk up to the manufacturer of the Stinger missile, say they were from Afghanistan, hated Russians, and needed a few Stinger missiles to knock some of their planes out of the sky? Certainly not. Officials of the US government either sent them missiles from their own stock or arranged the sale through the current manufacturer. The latter was the case for the Barrett rifles, but Mr Diaz omitted these facts. If cognizant U.S. Government officials request the support of an arms manufacturer in such cases, should we to dispute their judgment? 

Mr. Diaz has painted an inaccurate picture for the American people allowing them to believe that there is a gun free-for-all bazaar going on in the U.S. where there are no restrictions to prevent foreign governments or terrorists from buying guns. Mr. Diaz ignores the fact that many laws are in place to govern every one of these sales, and they are strictly enforced. For the export of munitions, the U.S. State Department conducts a lengthy and thorough review of every case, studying the need for the materiel, verifying the credentials of those signing the import documents, and even examining the human rights record of the receiving country. No gun manufacturer would be foolish enough to risk being closed down for violating these laws. 

Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Inc., like other gun manufacturers in the U.S., has been a law-abiding supplier of firearms to the U.S. government and other friendly governments approved by the U.S. State Department. The agency that regulates us, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, was sent to visit our factory after Mr. Diaz’ accusations and concluded that Barrett is now and has been in full compliance with the law. 

Mr. Diaz’ comments have been detrimental to the reputation of Barrett Firearms. Many of our customers, vendors, families, and friends have read these headlines and now have a negative opinion of our company. Some of our subcontractors have now refused to supply us. This is bad for Barrett and bad for our country. Since the September 11th attack, Barrett and every other supplier of guns to the U.S. military have been contacted to support the anti-terrorist cause. And once again Barrett Manufacturing will answer our government’s call. We’re all struggling to respond quickly while at the same time fighting the false accusations of Tom Diaz or the frivolous lawsuits of municipalities and others that seek to blame the gun industry for the ills of society. 

Unfortunately, Mr. Diaz has recently published a 100+ page diatribe against .50 caliber weapons and the gun industry in general, and in this he has produced a very useful document for terrorist use which points out likely terrorist targets and even gives the actual locations of certain key “targets.” He seems to want his readers to believe that .50 caliber rifles, and only .50 caliber rifles, would be needed by terrorists to attack America. We now know this is not true. This new information which could benefit terrorists comes as no surprise as it follows VPC’s now-famous map showing where terrorist gunmen should stand to hit targets in Washington DC. Someone needs to ask Mr. Diaz: “Are you with us, or with the terrorists?”

The Management of Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc.

More information on Barrett Rifles is at Web URL:

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