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Carol Smith Appointed Arizona State
Coordinator for Mothers Arms

(PHOENIX, January 3, 2001) — Carol Smith of Tucson is the new Arizona State
Coordinator for Mothers Arms, a national non-profit organization dedicated to
educating women about personal safety issues that affect themselves and their

Smith, a mother of two and sister-in-law to Founder/President of Mothers Arms Alicia
Wadas, is a firm believer in taking responsibility for awareness of one’s surroundings. 

“One of my primary objectives is to learn as much as possible about the various self
defense options,” said Smith. “Being a handicapped woman, I don’t feel that I have to
be a sitting duck or ‘easy target’ for a violent crime due to my physical handicap. 
Unfortunately, criminals often target handicapped or otherwise vulnerable people. By
knowing and practicing self defense, we can protect our right to control our own

She shares the Mothers Arms message by targeting brochures into many businesses, including doctors’ offices and day care centers. She hopes to obtain enough local interest within the community to begin regular meetings. 

Mothers Arms was created to inform, educate and support the development of
self-reliant women who consider it their fundamental right and responsibility to protect
their children, property and themselves from human aggression and assault. The
organization is pro-self-defense and respects a woman’s individual choice of safety
rescue tool, encouraging her to become trained in the disciplines she chooses. 

As a State Coordinator for Mothers Arms, Smith strives to increase local membership and involvement. 

For more information about Mothers Arms, please call (520) 747-0011 or (800) 464-4840. 

Visit the website at http://www.mothersarms.org

Mothers Arms is a trademark of Safely in Mothers Arms, Inc.