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More Blood on the Hands of the Left

Written by Dan Frisa  -  Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2000

More blood. Again by a crazed gunman.  This time the day after Christmas in Wakefield, Mass.  Seven dead at the hands of a co-worker.

But none of this happened, did it?

Weren’t we told by Clinton and Schumer and McCarthy that the so-called assault weapons ban would stop such violence?

Didn’t they all, with great fanfare, put forth the message – widely applauded by the left and the media – that American society would now be safe?

Wasn’t this the crowd that boldly staged a Rose Garden press conference at the White House in 1994 lauding this legislation?

The cold, hard truth is that this tragedy did occur and seven innocent human beings are now dead.  They all went to work today at Edgewater Technologies, a software engineering company, having left families and loved ones this morning following Christmas Day.

Michael McDermott committed a brutal attack, killing seven and forever ruining the lives of families, friends and surviving co-workers.

How could this happen?

President Clinton, Senator Schumer, and Congresswoman McCarthy have no answers and remain silent, much as they have after each of the dozens of similar such incidents that have permeated the past eight years.

The sickening irony is that each of them knows they participated in a cruel charade, perpetrated purely for politics, because each of them knew at the time they told us otherwise that their "law" could never do anything to protect anyone.


Because, in perhaps the most cynical manner ever witnessed, the actual law bans not a single firearm. 

Oh, the title certainly implies that it does. And each of these three told us it did. But it does not, and they knew it. In short, they lied.

Which is not to say that such bans, if legitimate, work. Because experience and common sense demonstrate that they do not.

But this is even worse, in that they blatantly lied to the American people by telling the public that they would be safer with such legislation in place.

Neither the press nor the public ever actually read the bill. 

I did. 

Word for word. 

Here is what this farce says:

1. It is called a "ban."
2. It lists several specific brands.
3. It says no more of the 1994 models may be manufactured.
4. It allows the sale of each of these models manufactured before the law passed.
5. It expires in 10 years, even though there is more than a 10-year supply of these models in the marketplace.
6. It allows the manufacture of these models if one or more specific "features" are changed.
7. It lists hundreds and hundreds of models that are not covered.

That’s it. Read the list carefully again, because there are a number of "clever" sections that negate the supposed purpose, and this was done by design.

Here is what the actual effect is:

1. Nothing is banned, because there are more than enough of the few models listed and made before the law passed to outlast the 10-year period before the law expires.
2. There is absolutely no impact on 1995 and newer models, which have been reconfigured in line with the "features test" included in the law.
3. Bottom line: no difference whatsoever as a result of this law.

Importantly, the overall impact of having conducted this charade is that other more effective measures to actually fight violent crime were delayed.

And enforcement of the countless thousands of gun laws already on the books has been virtually non-existent.

As a result, there has been little public interest or pressure to do something about criminal violence, because we have been led to believe that the "problem" was solved by Clinton, Schumer and McCarthy back in 1994.

Of course, we now know that they lied. 

They did nothing. 

On this or any enforcement of laws geared toward reducing lethal criminal violence by ensuring personal responsibility through strict accountability for one's actions.

The number of prosecutions for violations of Brady Law background provisions can be counted on one’s hands. 

Same is true for violations of criminal possession of firearms on school property.

So we have a sick situation whereby laws that do nothing are passed and touted as solutions while effective, existing laws are not enforced. 

This deadly combination is a formula that can only continue to erupt in tragedy.

What's even worse, is that law-abiding citizens have fewer opportunities to protect themselves and their families due to the irrational hysteria foisted on us by the media. Had Massachusetts not outright prohibited the ability for people to lawfully protect themselves, perhaps some of the needless victims of this most recent incident would be alive today.

There is simply no explaining such insanity.  

The cold and calculating agenda of Clinton, Schumer and McCarthy is bloodstained, as is that of their supporters on the left who have aided and abetted in the perpetration of this travesty. 

Their collective silence speaks volumes.

Especially in light of the deafening silence of death witnessed yet again this morning, as these three go on their merry ways the day after Christmas.

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