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Pro Gun Lawsuits in Jeopardy
From the Civil Liberties Defense Foundation
January 26, 2001

CLDF Supporters,

January marks the one year anniversary of the Civil Liberties Defense
Foundation. CLDF was formed to educate and litigate on behalf of the
Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution. We chose as our initial endeavor
a lawsuit against 31 cities that have been trying since 1998 to
bankrupt the gun industry and destroy our right to keep and bear arms.

We were confident at the time, that such a lawsuit would garner the
support of gun rights organizations, gun stores and gun owners from
across the nation and that we would ultimately be successful in
eliminating this ominous threat to our freedom. A threat which we
predicted would cost upwards of half a million dollars to vanquish.

Since January of 2000, former Senator Jerry Patterson and
Representatives Suzanna Hupp, Rick Green, and Bob Turner, have
worked tirelessly - traveling to various fundraisers, appearing on
numerous talk shows, and speaking to whomever would listen - in an
effort to raise awareness and enough money to enable the Foundation
to proceed with its lawsuit to protect the Second Amendment.

Despite a lack of support from most gun rights organizations and almost all of the gun stores we contacted, we were able to raise enough
money from concerned citizens and incensed patriots like yourselves to
finally file the lawsuit on November 16, 2000.

Although raising the money to have the lawsuit researched, drafted,
and filed was a significant accomplishment for which we owe you many
thanks, we still have not raised enough money to carry us through a
lengthy litigation process against 31 cities and the state of New York.
For that reason, we have refrained from serving the defendants with
the paperwork necessary to proceed with the case. Once we do that,
we will be locked-in to a battle we currently don't have the resources
to win.

The CLDF Board of Directors has concluded that if we are unable to
raise at least $100,000 by the service of process deadline two weeks
from now, we will be forced to withdraw the case and live to fight
another day. Given the amount of time, resources, and emotion we
have committed to this project, we are not pleased with this turn of

We are desperately searching for a knight in shining armor to come to
the rescue of this lawsuit and our right to keep and bear arms;
however, our hope is beginning to fade. We have arranged several
meetings with potential benefactors and will do our best over the next
couple of weeks to insure that our effort has not been in vain. We
need you to do the same. We need you to redouble your efforts to
inform people about the seriousness of this issue and the need for the
average American to pull his or her head out of the sand and realize
what must be done to preserve our liberty. What needs to be done
costs money and there is simply no away around that fact; we wish
there was.

Remember - freedom is not free, nor is justice cheap.

We need your help to continue this fight.

Because of the severe shortage of time, we need you and those
you contact, to visit our website at http://www.LibertyDefense.com and make a donation online. We simply cannot proceed without your
help and support.


Trey J. Blocker 
Executive Director



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