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An Editorial Comment by Joseph G. Lolli

    Two bills pending in the Legislature, S.261 and H.3010, would remedy much of the subjective language in the current concealed weapons permit (CWP) law that could be interpreted in such a manner as to make honest, law-abiding citizens into felons.

     For example: You legally have your pistol and your CWP permit in your locked glove box. The next morning your child walks in the house saying, "Mommy, I just missed the bus. Could you take me to school?" You are in a hurry to get to the office, but your child must also get to school. In a few moments, you pull up in front of the school and drop your child off. You are now a felon; go to jail.

     Unlike the Enron executives who lined up to "Plead the Fifth," don't expect to be able to similarly "Plead the Second" and claim your Second Amendment rights. Unlike the Fifth Amendment (which is universally accepted by politicians everywhere, and for good reason), the Second Amendment is only applicable in those places where our political leaders have granted us permission to have constitutional rights.

     With the current law, our political leaders have deemed that certain parts of our Constitution are only valid in locations where they say your rights are valid. This is not a new concept. Take the new Campaign Finance Reform bill in Congress. The First Amendment would only be valid on the days of the month that incumbent politicians say it's OK for us to exercise our "rights." And just like the First Amendment, current law says you are only allowed to exercise your Second Amendment rights in places where politicians say it is OK to do so.

     S.261 and H.3010 would clearly define the areas where CWP licensees are and are not allowed to carry their concealed firearm, and it would reduce the number of places that criminals will feel safe when they attack your child or your wife, or your loved ones.

     We should all thank our political leaders for telling us where we are allowed to protect ourselves and where we are not.

     The 4.5 million honest, law-abiding concealed weapons permit holders, nationwide, must be ever vigilant of where the "rapist and terrorist protection zones" are, so we don't inadvertently violate some terrorist's rights and stop them from harming our loved ones.


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