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Court Says FBI Can Keep Gun
Purchase Records For 6 Months
13 July 2000

A federal appeals court ruled that the FBI
could keep gun-purchase records for six
months, the Washington Post reported July

The practice was challenged by the National
Rifle Association (NRA), which argued that
the law requires gun-purchase records be
destroyed immediately. The NRA also said
the FBI's practice of storing gun records was
an "illegal national registration of gun

The Justice Department countered that it
needs to keep all purchase records for six
months for auditing purposes. During that
time, the department conducts spot checks
for quality control, ensures gun buyers and
dealers are not using false identities, and
makes certain that the database is not being
used by anyone to gain confidential
information for unauthorized purposes.

The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in
Washington, D.C., ruled the FBI could hold
onto the records to ensure that the federal
computer system that conducts millions of
instant criminal background checks is
working properly.