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"Straw Woman" Gets 16 Months
in a Federal Prison
Written by Marvin V. Stenhammar - Source AP News Wire

The New Jersey woman who illegally purchased a rifle her neighbor used in a deadly shooting rampage was sentenced Wednesday, the 18th of January 2001, to 16 months in a federal prison. 

Constance Waugh, age 49, pleaded guilty in district court in July 2000, of lying on a federal form when she purchased the rifle for Joseph Palczynski, who had a criminal background that prevented him from buying it.  Under Federal law, a "Straw Purchase" is made when one buys a firearm for someone who is prohibited from making a legal purchase.

Palczynski, the New Jersey man the gun was purchased for, was shot and killed by police after holding his girlfriend's mother and two others hostage for four days in March. Earlier that month, he had shot and killed four people and briefly taken his girlfriend hostage. 

Waugh said she bought the rifle for Palczynski as a gift, but later admitted she knew he could not buy it himself because he had a criminal assault record. She used his
money to buy the rifle. 

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