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By Marv Stenhammar - 4 September 2001

Gunnery Network readers and friends,

No need to send flowers.... I am still alive.

Please pardon the slow pace of updates and content production here on Gunnery Network over the last months. Due to a few of my old "War Wounds" I have been unable to dedicate as much time to web work as normal. 

Regular readers know that this site is never stale and that I pride myself on original content and on keeping the site current with frequent updates. Or as "Rule # 1" of the Unofficial Phat Viking's Guide to Web Success says...  "It's the content stupid!"

I am sad to report that my health is un-improved and actually a bit worse over the last two weeks, but I remain hopeful that with more medical care, some new medication and physical therapy, [ not to mention my complete avoidance of the VA medical system ] I can look forward to returning to the normal pace of daily content updates.  

I appreciate the many cards, letters and e-mail messages I am receiving and even appreciate those Flaming WTF? - why aren't you updating the site queries I received.  Please pardon the belated responses to your queries.  If you sent mail, I will answer.  In simple terms I have orthopedic problems in my neck, knees and shoulder and some degenerative bone disease that is complicated by injuries and trauma sustained while being an action man for 15 years in Special Forces.

Help Needed:

If you are interested in helping me update the Gunnery Network web or in contributing articles and essays for use on Gunnery Network, please give me a call or send and E-mail message for details.  

Telephone 1-866-274-0106  E-Mail: [email protected]

While I am infirm and "off net" I have had time to dream up additional features and new designs that will be developed and implemented here on Gunnery Network as soon as possible. Needless to say, I am raring to go and hope to bombard the net with new and original content as well as site updates that will further your knowledge, understanding & appreciation of firearms.

And don't worry people, all my good parts still work!

Marv Stenhammar
Founder / Director
Gunnery Network

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