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America's 'War' With China
Written by Charles Smith

The war begins at dawn as over 100,000 invasion
troops, in three massive waves, surge across
narrow waters to find a morning beachhead on the
Taiwanese shores. The first wave of 100,000 red
troops is soon followed by up to seven more waves
of 100,000 Chinese soldiers, for a total of eight
Chinese armies hurled into a terrific assault. 

As part of the pre-invasion attack, huge numbers of
People's Liberation Army Air Force jets streak
across the waters to bomb Taiwanese air bases. In
the skies, hundreds of missiles, and thousands of
MiGs overwhelm the small Taiwanese Air Force.
One or two of the bases continue to function but are
soon swept aside by the tide of red MiGs. 

Taiwanese cities are seen on global television
taking direct hits from missile after missile, launched
by the 2nd Artillery Corps from inside the Chinese
mainland. One or two of the Asian cities disappear
in a blinding flash, as nuclear-tipped missiles take
out strategic ports and critical military facilities. 

In and around the skies of Taiwan, U.S., Japanese
and Asian ally fighter jets frantically hurl themselves
in fruitless attacks to stem the tide. F-117A Stealth
bombers fly bold and effective strikes from Okinawa
until a direct hit from a Chinese ballistic missile
closes the base and kills thousands. 

At sea, a massive force of U.S. carriers converges
from two different directions; one from the Indian
Ocean and another from across the Pacific. The
forces are soon spotted by Chinese satellites using
purchased American technology and are targeted. 

Each group is attacked by waves of Chinese
bombers and missiles one thousand miles from
Taiwan, with each wave growing larger as they

In the end, the Chinese sink two nuclear aircraft
carriers and a major portion of the U.S. fleet in a
grinding assault of suicide planes. All is lost. Taiwan
falls and begins a dark period of subject occupation
by the communist forces. America enters a
protracted war with China. 

This scenario has been played out at the highest
levels inside the Pentagon, using advanced war
game systems. It does not end well for America.
However, one other war game recently played
inside the defense establishment had a very
different result. 

There are many Chinese military weaknesses, but
there is one critical weak link in its plan to take
Taiwan, that of submarine warfare. The leader in
submarine war is America, and despite the years of
Clinton neglect, the U.S. Navy silent service still
rules supreme over the world's oceans. 

There is one and only one hope that can stem the
tide -- sink the landing ships full of PLA troopers and
save Taiwan. The American Pacific nuclear
submarine force responds with a single order, "Sink

No Chinese vessel on or below the surface survives
for very long. The seas around Taiwan are filled
with torpedoes, sea mines, the dying and the dead.
The Chinese Army invasion of Taiwan drowns
within sight of the mainland as the first wave is sunk
in a fruitless attempt to cross the open waters. The
Chinese Navy disappears without firing a shot. 

Without its warships and landing craft, the Chinese
Army cannot swim. Before the hapless generals in
Beijing can react to the disaster at sea, a second
attack begins deep inland, behind their lines. 

Suddenly, and without warning, Tomahawk missiles
rise from the sea surface, flying over the mainland,
destroying air bases, missile sites and Chinese
command posts. 

Operating closely with B-2 bombers, the silent
service attacks the Chinese mainland in repeated
blows aimed at the Chinese military command.
Several Chinese warlords die in the precision
strikes. Chinese air power tries to respond but the
futile effort has no effect on an unseen foe able to
fire at will into almost any Chinese city. 

U.S. strike aircraft flying from untouched bases
move forward to clear the skies as jubilant
Taiwanese citizens greet the first American
paratroopers and Patriot missile batteries. American
carriers arrive safely to reinforce Taiwan,
unhindered by the crippled Chinese Army Air
Force. Finally, Aegis cruisers escorting the carriers
do battle with the remaining Chinese missile forces
and defeat them in a first-ever duel outside the
Earth's atmosphere. 

The swift force of U.S. Navy Los Angeles attack
boats, led by the first Sea Wolf class submarine,
sweep the seas clean between China and Taiwan.
The red invasion force disappears beneath the
straits and into history next to the Spanish Armada. 

The game ends with U.S. Navy attack subs
returning home with broomsticks tied to their masts.
Taiwan buries its dead and begins to rebuild. 

Yet, can we stop the coming war before it happens?

The world now stands at the brink. The so-called
"strategic partner" of America is preparing to declare
war on tiny Taiwan. The first warnings are already
sounding, as Chinese Army troops move forward
and diplomats seek secret deals. 

China has not started the war nor is China united
behind the war. The Chinese mainland consists of
over a billion people kept in bondage by the iron
grip of the People's Liberation Army and the
Communist Party. 

The oppressive and brutal regime is also unstable.
At any moment, it could collapse and implode like
the former Soviet Union, or it may turn outward in a
nationalistic fever that leads to global combat. 

There is a way to stop the warlords and free the
mainland. The same country is seeking entry into
the civilized world of business, membership in the
World Trade Organization, and permanent "most
favored" trading status here in America. China
depends on the current trade to build her army for
the coming conflict. 

The one element that China needs to start and
finish a war is money. Even the threat of a trade halt
with China will take away the resources needed to
invade Taiwan. Hit them hard where they cannot
respond and where it hurts the most, in their wallet.
Urge Congress to turn down Chinese membership
in the WTO and turn down most favored trading

We can stop the warlords by cutting trade relations.
U.S. citizens can even bypass a weak Congress
and a corrupt president simply by boycotting red
Chinese goods. It's as simple as that. Only a few
percentage points can tip the balance in favor of

Charles Smith is a National Security and Defense Reporter for WorldNetDaily. 

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