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Steyr Mannlicher Sold

Cura Investholding Acquires Steyr Mannlicher

As per June 22, 2001 the Austrian company Cura Investholding GmbH acquired 100 % shares of Steyr Mannlicher AG & Co KG from Creditanstalt AG. The takeover of the company also involves Steyr Mannlicher's 51 % holding of Suhler Jagd- und Sportwaffen GmbH, Suhl/Germany.

Steyr Mannlicher products are known world-wide for their high quality, precision and innovation. In combination with the new management, these features will ensure its strong market position into the future.

In 2000 Steyr Mannlicher achieved sales of approx. Euro 16 Million and currently employs 135 persons.

Cura Investholding is located in Wiener Neustadt and specializes in reorganization of medium-sized firms. Owner of Cura Investholding is Wolfgang Fürlinger who is himself a passionate hunter.

The new owner is planning to concentrate on the more profitable range of products in order to meet to market needs. The new marketing strategy will expand Steyr Mannlicher's market position especially in USA. Cooperation's on the manufacturing sector, especially with the production plant in Suhl, will reduce production costs whole maintaining quality.

SOURCE: Steyr Mannlicher - Press Release - 08/01/2001

Steyr is on the Web at URL: Steyr Mannlicher

GSI is the U.S. importer for Steyr Mannlicher & Merkel at GSI Firearms Inc.


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