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Updated: 04 March 2003

Royal Arms Gunstocks’ Bullet Puller

Royal Arms Gunstocks introduced an innovative new bullet puller that is easy to use. Screw the bullet puller into the die station of the reloading press - it only needs to be finger tight - then put the first cartridge into the shell holder and raise the ram until the bullet is far enough through the puller to be gripped by the segments. 

Usually this is just past the middle of the ogive of rifle bullets or well down on the truncated cone of pistol bullets. Be sure to guide the bullet coming in so it stays centered.  Now reverse the ram direction to pull down. The bullet is caught by the segments and will stay in the puller. Put the next cartridge in the shell holder and raise the ram to push that bullet into the bullet puller. As the second bullet goes in, it will push the first one out. Thus, bullets can be pulled as fast as you can cycle ammunition through the press.

Lead pistol bullets are sometimes hard to pull because the crimp has more grip than the puller. If you have trouble, cut a short piece of tubing just larger than the cone of the bullet. Put a cartridge in and raise it into the puller so the segments can grip the cone. Push the tubing down hard on the tips of the segments and reverse ram direction to pull the bullet.

Be careful not to push a cartridge too far through and have the segments grip the cartridge neck. At this point it will either pull the neck or the rim off the cartridge. To extricate a cartridge from the bullet puller, turn the shell holder so the cartridge entry opening is opposite the shell holder entry opening in the press ram, then snap the shell holder out of the press and off the cartridge rim at the same time. Unscrew the bullet puller from the press and remove as a unit. Then push the cartridge on through.

For more information contact Royal Arms Gunstocks

919 8th Ave NW
Great Falls, MT 59404

Telephone: 1-406-453-1149  -  Fax on Demand 1-406-453-1194

Web http://cu.imt.net/~royalarms  -  E-Mail: [email protected]

Lost River J36 & J40 Bullets
- New .408 Cheyenne -

Lost River Ballistic Technologies Inc., of Arco, Idaho, has a line of bullets called the J36 which is advertised as being unprecedented in its "high ballistic coefficients."

Lost River Resembling the Remington Bronze Point from the mid-1900s, but produced from solid metal, with a separate tip, the J36 bullets are available in calibers from the .243 to the .458. Depending on caliber, the ballistic coefficients range from a low of .410 for the .225-grain, .375 to a high of .715 for the 160-grain, 7mm J36. Sectional densities range from the .193 for the 80-grain, .243 to .313 for the .250-grain .338, and a 300-grain .338 J36-if produced-should be even better.

The J36 bullets retain over 80% of their weight, even at high velocity impacts of over 4,000 fps, and expand to 1.5-2.0 times the original bullet diameter. Due to their high ballistic efficiency, the bullets provide greater velocity and impact energy downrange than many regular designs.

Lost River also produces J40 match bullets in seven calibers from the .224 to the .510 in a "baker's dozen" weights. Neither the J36 or J40 are low cost, but Rolls-Royce quality is not available at Honda prices. Depending on caliber, some of the bullets cost between $2 and $3 each.

Loaded ammunition for popular cartridges is available for most of the J36 bullets in wallet packs of nine rounds, or a plastic case of 20 rounds. Only loaded .50 BMG cartridges are currently available with the J40 bullets-in five-round packs at over $4 per round. Other calibers will be special loaded with J40 bullets for a minimum order of 200 rounds. The minimum rifle barrel twist required to stabilize the J40 bullet design is provided for each weight.

New .408 Cheyenne

Lost River was exhibiting an interesting new cartridge for law enforcement and military Special Forces use. Called the .408 Cheyenne, the cartridge is based on the .505 Gibbs, necked down to hold 419-grain, .408 bullets. The rifle used is a modified switch-barrel Windrunner design by EDM Arms.

Twists of 1 in 10 inches, 1 in 12 inches and 1 in 13 inches have been tested; the muzzle velocity is in the neighborhood of 2,900 fps from a barrel approaching 30 inches in length. Weight of the rifle is under 20 pounds, with an expectation of being reduced slightly in the final production models.

For more information Contact:

Lost River Ballistic Technologies Inc.
PO Box 801
Arco, ID 83213

Web URL: www.lostriverballistic.com 

EDM Arms
1643 Plum Lane
Redlands, CA 92374
Tel: 1-909-307-8877
Web URL: www.edmarms.com.

ArmaLite®  Introduces Mid-Range AR-30 at SHOT Show

ArmaLite AR-30

ArmaLite Introduces Mid-Range AR-30 Rifle at SHOT Show 2001

ArmaLite unveiled a prototype of its latest project, the AR-30 Bolt Action Rifle, at the 2000 SHOT Show.

The AR-30 is a unique rifle sharing many of the technical features of the ArmaLite AR-50 .50 caliber rifle.  The rifles are based on an aluminum stock that merges a machine rest with a rifle stock for stunning stability.  It is intended for high-accuracy use such as varmint hunting, advanced target shooting, and law enforcement.

The machine rest elements consist of an octagonal receiver, a matching V-shaped channel in the stock, and a recoil wedge.  Conventional action screws draw the action down into the stock, and the recoil wedge forces the recoil lug into intimate contact with the stock.  No hand fitting or bedding compounds are required, and the action can be removed and re-installed without significant loss of zero.  It is immune to changes in temperature or humidity.

Two versions of the AR-30 are under development: a conventional turn bolt action, and a fast straight-pull action.   The receivers are equipped with special mounting slots in addition to conventional threaded holes.  The slots mate with ArmaLite’s special sight bases in a way that removes all recoil loads from the scope mount screws.  The AR-30 will be available with optional integral bases.

Preliminary Technical Specifications

Length: 42 inches
Weight: 10 lb. 2 oz *
* Varies according to barrel length and Caliber
Height:  7 ½ inches
Calibers:  .243, .308, .30-06 [ .338 Lapua Mag soon ]
Barrel Length: Varies, to 24 inches
Barrel Material: Stainless Steel
Twist Rate:  Appropriate to caliber and bullet weight

A later, larger version of the AR-30 will be built to handle calibers up to .338 Lapua.

ArmaLite, Incorporated ® P.O. Box 299  Geneseo, IL. 61254 

Order Phone: 800-336-0184


Time Zone

Business Phone (309) 944-6939 8:00-4:00 CST Mon - Fri
Tech Dept Phone: (309) 944-6911 3:30-4:30 CST Mon - Thu
FAX: (309) 944-6949 Email: [email protected]

For more information go to - http://www.armalite.com


New from Standard Arms of Nevada - The SA-9

The SA-9 is double action only with a non-exposed internal hammer. Trigger pull is about 6 1/2 to 7 pounds. Rear sights are adjustable. The SA-9 comes equipped with a 10 round Mec-Gar magazine. Suggested Retail for the SA-9mm is $249.00. All  Standard Arms products come with a Lifetime Warranty against defects in workmanship.

Standard Arms of Nevada
4750 Longley Ln. Unit  207
Reno, NV 89502

Web URL: http://standardgun.com

For more information Telephone: 1-877-702-4399 Toll Free in the USA.


- Firearm Vault is a Highlight Of Convention for Safety & Security Company -

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Feb., 14, 2001 – Saf-T-Hammer Corporation (OTCBB: SAFH), the Scottsdale, Arizona-based firearm safety and security company today announced the successful introduction of its new VersaVault product at the 23rd Annual SHOT (Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trades) Show held in New Orleans, Louisiana, January 11-14, 2001. 

The VersaVault, as its name may indicate, is a uniquely designed high security storage device ideal for firearms and other valuables. Its design provides over 40 percent more capacity than any comparable product on the market and offers the highest possible degree of electronic and mechanical security available. It features an owner-programmable and user-friendly lighted keypad with four keys and has over 10,000 available combinations.

"We received tremendous response from gun dealers, gun distributors and law enforcement officials," said Robert Scott, president of Saf-T-Hammer. "Timing a product to market is essential for a manufacturer and our success at the SHOT Show has resulted in our month-over-month sales posting a substantial increase. January sales of our Saf-T-Trigger product were in excess of $10,000 and this was due in part to our exposure at the show." 

The vault is designed for both vertical and horizontal installation, includes a steel mounting plate, and has a tamper alert, low battery alert, key access for electronic backup and internal lighting. Its small 10" x 14" x 3.5" external dimensions provides maximum space utilization and allows the VersaVault to be installed nearly anywhere. It has a unique internal holster that presents the firearm to the owner for maximum speed and accessibility. This holster is also removable, providing additional storage capacity depending upon the owners needs.

The VersaVault, which appeals to both gun owners and non-gun owners alike is the Scottsdale company’s third product introduced during the past 12 months and is representative of the company’s plans to continue to introduce unique and effective firearms safety products to the market. The company initiated shipments of its highly acclaimed patent pending Saf-T-Trigger in October and will begin shipments of its new Maximum Security Cable Lock later this month.

"Our very first product, the Safe-T-Trigger, made its debut at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada in January of 2000 and our continued success with theses events remains impressive," said Scott. "Our products have historically received a great deal of attention by all of the event participants including the press, dealers, distributors, firearm manufacturers and law enforcement officials." 

"Our product-line is very inexpensive," said Scott. "Industry wholesalers and organizations are always on the lookout for quality, safety and value. The trade has always been very positive about Saf-T-Hammer products because of our simple, yet effective design. Our product introductions, at the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers Annual Show last November 16-18 in Tampa, Florida and more recently at the SHOT Show in New Orleans have significantly expanded the potential market for Saf-T-Hammer products and we’re looking forward to a very successful year."

About Saf-T-Hammer

The company was initially established to market the Saf-T-Hammer, a unique two-piece hammer system that provided a method of securing hammer-fired handguns from unauthorized access. This uniquely designed, patented and award-winning product was followed by the Saf-T-Trigger, a product originally designed to complement the Saf-T-Hammer. 

The patent pending Saf-T-Trigger was soon recognized to have a much larger potential market in that it will fit on nearly 90 percent of all current firearms and the vast majority of the 240 million firearms in circulation in the United States. This tiny and affordable device is readily retrofitable to revolvers, pistols, shot guns and rifles as an aftermarket product. The product, when installed becomes a permanent but unobtrusive part of the firearm. 

The company also manufactures the Maximum Security Cable Lock for firearms. The cable lock has proven to be ten times stronger than conventional cable locks currently available and doesn’t require permanent attachment to a firearm. The design of the Maximum Security Cable Lock makes it "Shockproof" and unlike some products currently on the market, will not open when subjected to jarring and its heavier steel cable is virtually cut proof. The new cable lock is considered a perfect companion for Saf-T-Hammer’s other solutions for firearm safety and

Visit the company’s corporate Web site at: http://www.safthammer.com

Safe Harbor Statement

Statements about the company’s future expectations, including future revenues and earning, and all other statements in this release, other than historical facts, are "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, section 21E of the Securities Act of 1934, and that term is defined in the Private Securities Reform Act of 1995. The company intends that such "forward-looking statements" be subject to the safe harbors created thereby.

Saf-T-Hammer and Saf-T-Trigger are trademarks of Saf-T-Hammer Corporation.

New Mauser M2 Semi-Auto Pistol

The Mauser M2 semi-automatic pistol offers outstanding stopping power in a slim line compact design. It is available in three calibers .357 SIG, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. In .45 ACP the Mauser M2 has an eight-round magazine, while the other two have 10-round capacities. Other important features include short-recoil operation for improved accuracy, striker-fired operating system, rotating barrel lock-up, four-point safety system, aluminum alloy frame with nickel chromium steel slide and optional manual external safety. Comes with lockable hard case, trigger lock and extra magazine. 

SIG Arms Inc
Corporate Park
Exeter, NH 03833

Tel 1-603-772-2302 - FAX: 1-603-773-2133

Web URL: http://www.sigarms.com


Sterling, VA — The SLB 2000 caliber .30-06 rifle is the newest offering from German firearms manufacturer Heckler & Koch (HK).

Representing the ultimate achievement in the design and manufacture of a modern semi-automatic hunting rifle, the SLB 2000 combines high strength materials with HK’s renowned metallurgy.

The SLB 2000 uses a simple and robust short stroke, piston-actuated operating system. The operating system allows for a variety of popular
hunting cartridges (.308, .30-06, 7x64mm, 9.3x62mm), and the SLB 2000 accepts detachable 2, 5, or 10-round magazines.

The oil-finished walnut hand guard is attached to the receiver to allow for a free- floating barrel, ensuring extraordinary accuracy. The action housing is manufactured of a high strength alloy with a wear resistant coating. Both the receiver and the barrel are tapped and drilled, allowing for the widest variety of sighting options. And, the specially angled pistol grip makes shooting easier and more natural than traditional hunting rifles.

Contact: H&K at Tel: 703-450-1900

Web URL: http://www.hecklerkoch-usa.com


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: (703) 450-1900

Sterling, VA — Heckler & Koch (HK) announces the availability of the new Law Enforcement Modification (LEM) Double Action Only (DA Only) trigger system for the USP handgun. 

The LEM system was developed to meet the specifications of the U.S. Immigration Service (INS) and is currently offered to U.S. federal and law enforcement agencies only. Four thousand USP40 Compact LEM pistols have already been shipped under contract to the INS. 

The LEM system consists of a set of six drop-in parts that can be installed in all existing full and compact size USP handgun. Unlike conventional DA Only trigger systems, this system uses the rearward movement of the slide to pre-cock an internal separate cocking piece within the hammer.  The hammer returns forward with the slide after loading or firing, yet the internal cocking piece stays cocked. Once the trigger is pulled, the hammer is driven forward by the cocking piece to fire the pistol. The amount of force of the hammer can be set to the user’s preference at 4.5 to 5.0 or 7.5 to 8.0 pounds with a simple spring change. 

The advantage of the LEM system is its reduction in trigger pull weight over other conventional DA Only systems that measure a trigger pull of 8 to 13 pounds or more. Since the action of cocking the hammer is completed by the slide, the LEM system eliminates any difficulty the user may experience with hammer spring resistance. The user feels only light slack and then short resistance before the hammer is released to fire the chambered round, promoting improved accuracy and hit probability. The LEM system is smooth, crisp, safe and simple to use, especially for shooters with small hands or limited hand strength. Fast, follow-up shots afforded by this system result from the extremely short trigger reset distance comparable to that of Single Action (SA) designs. The user is offered the same trigger pull for each round fired and the transition from DA to SA is eliminated.

Also of advantage to military and law enforcement users is the inherent safety of a long DA trigger pull with the absence of external controls, including safety or decocking levers.  Due to demand, HK is offering the LEM system for new USP handguns only and not for retrofit in currently fielded pistols.

Contact: (703) 450-1900

Web Site - http://www.hecklerkoch-usa.com

EVAPO-RUST A Remarkable Rust Remover 

EVAPO-RUST™ is a water soluble rust and remover that has been proven effective to remove even deep rust on all types of mild steel and iron. It is safe on all surfaces and will not harm copper, brass, aluminum, plastic, rubber or vinyl. EVAPO-RUST™ is non-toxic, biodegradable and contains no acids or alkalis. It is non-flammable and contains no petroleum solvents. EVAPO-RUST™ is non-toxic, non-corrosive, safe on skin and has no fumes or bad odors

To use EVAPO-RUST™ simply immerse a rusty item in room temperature EVAPO-RUST™ for 45 minutes. Check progress periodically.  Once rust is removed, rinse item with water.  Heavily rusted may require up to 8 hours of soak time.  Items should not be stored in EVAPO-RUST™ for more that 48 hours unless monitored. 

EVAPO-RUST™ can be used over and over until performance drops off. When ready to dispose of spent EVAPO-RUST™ , only the iron content of the solution will dictate disposal method. In most cases, it can be safely put down the drain.

Although EVAPO-RUST™ was developed primarily as an industrial product, it has tremendous uses in gun restoration and cleaning market. EVAPO-RUST™ is the only product which removes bluing and rust without damaging underlying metal.  As demonstrated at Shot Show 2001, EVAPO-RUST™ can bring the rustiest barrel back to life and keep the barrel from re-rusting until it can be re-blued.

See the before and after photos below.

Click To Enlarge

Click To Enlarge

Harris International Labs' new product EVAPO-RUST™ has been nominated for Cleaning Technology of the Year by Clean Tech Magazine. They drew amazing crowds and a very positive response at SHOT Show 2001.  If you missed them there you can see them and their new product at Clean Tech 2001 in Chicago.

To place an order call toll free 1-888-329-9877

For more information contact 

Harris International Laboratories Inc.
P.O. Box 6487
3204 Lynette Street
Springdale, AR 72764

Telephone USA 1-501-756-9877  -  Fax  1-501-927-3202

E-mail  [email protected]

To place an order call toll free 1-888-329-9877

Loose "That Smell" with CAMO DUST

Ammonia Hold, Inc. of Lonoke, AR has developed an exciting new hunting accessory product in the "Scent" or maybe we should say "lack of scent" category.  CAMO DUST is a "human scent eliminator". Designed for the serious hunter who realizes the most important factor in a successful hunt is keeping your quarry from detecting human scent.

CAMO DUST is a patented chemical process that scientifically neutralizes human scent. It is a fine powder product designed to penetrate the fabric of hunting clothes and eliminate human scent before it can escape into the air. It will significantly reduce the "fear and flight" reaction that is a natural response when game animals detect the human scent. It is simple to use and once it penetrates your hunting clothes it will stay there until the clothes become wet or are washed.

CAMO DUST has advantages over water based products, it will not evaporate and can be used comfortably in cold, sub-freezing weather. CAMO DUST is also economical, a 4oz. package will last 8-12 hunts and is priced in the $10.00 range.

Ammonia Hold, Inc. is engaged in the business of manufacturing and marketing odor-eliminating products used in connection with farm and domestic animals and municipal biosolid facilities. The Company's products are specifically designed to stop the formation of ammonia and other odors associated with animal waste and provide safe, simple,
economical reduction of ammonia and associated vapor in poultry houses and other areas where animal wastes are present. The Company markets its products to farms, poultry houses, co-ops, large retail chains and grocery stores throughout the United States.

Additional product information available through Ammonia Hold, Inc.

Ammonia Hold, Inc.
P.O. Box 25403
Little Rock, AR 72211

Web URL: http://www.ammoniahold.com

Contact Pat Parnell or Mark Bullock at U.S. 1-501-676-2994.

New .38 1911-Style Pistol From Casull Arms

.38 Casull Custom - 124 Grain x 1850 fps

Famed firearms designer Dick Casull has introduced a new .38 pistol and accompanying cartridge. The .38 Casull Custom is a 1911-style pistol with a match grade 6" barrel that features a hand-fit slide, high-grip beavertail grip safety, 20 LPI-checkering on the front strap and mainspring housing, fully adjustable rear sight, full-length guide rod and match trigger. 

The .38 Casull cartridge attains velocities in excess of 1,800 fps with a 124 gr. bullet and 1,650 fps with a 147 gr. bullet.  Comes with locking aluminum carrying case, containing an instruction manual, bushing wrench and guide wrench.  Suggested retail price is $2,495.

For more information contact:

Casull Arms Corp
P.O. Box l629
Afton, WY 83110

Tel 1-307-886-0200  -  Fax 1-307-886-0300

Web URL: www.CasullArms.com

New From Evolution Gun Works
The SIG-Sauer Optima Mount

Sig Sauer Optima Mount
EGW Optima Mount

CNC machined out of aluminum.  Fits all SIG Sauer pistols.  Replaces rear sight.  Available in any color you want, as long as it is silver or black.  Cost is $40.  Dealers please call for price.  5th Generation Tasco Optima sights available for $175.

For info contact:

Evolution Gun Works
4050 Skyron Drive
Doylestown PA  18901

Tel 1-215- 348-9892
Fax 1-215- 348-1056

Web URL: www.egw-guns.com

New from Winchester Ammunition
The .300 WSM - Winchester Short Magnum

.300 WSM - Winchester Short Magnum

It's the first new, jointly-developed commercial Rifle Cartridge from Winchester Ammunition in almost 20 years - and it's going to give big game hunters an unbeatable reason to "go magnum."  

Simply put, the new 300 WSM cartridge is designed to deliver 300 Winchester Magnum energy and velocity performance in a short action cartridge and lighter weight rifle.  Using a "short action" not only reduces overall weight, short action rifles will also normally feed better and they cost less money to manufacture.

The unique geometry of this beltless magnum cartridge delivers the same precise head spacing and high accuracy as cartridges designed for bench rest shooting.  Plus, the WSM's "short & fat" cartridge shape delivers a highly efficient powder burn and quicker cycle time via a much shorter and lighter rifle action with a standard magnum bolt face diameter.

So keep an eye out for the NEW Winchester Short Magnum Center Fire Rifle Cartridge with initial firearms manufacturers Browning ® & Winchester ® - it's definitely the shape of things to come.

- S300WSMX Supreme Fail Safe ® 180 gr. Bullet 
- SBST300S Supreme Ballistic Silvertip TM 150 gr. Bullet 
- X300WSM Super-X Power-Point ® 180 gr. Bullet 

New World Class Riflescopes From Tasco

Tasco has expanded its successful line of World Class Plus optical rifle scopes to include four new models.  The new models feature large light gathering objectives, SuperCon fully multi-layered objective and ocular lens, fully-coated optics throughout, Tasco's "Fast-Focus" Eyebell, 1/4 MOA glove-grip turrets, 30/30 reticle, objective parallax setting and black matte finish.  Tasco scope are certainly "World Class" and these new models round out the WC line.  

Editors Note: Tasco has moved their products upscale over the last several years, without a substantial increase in product pricing.  In my opinion, Tasco offers some of the best scopes available for your money.  All Tasco World Class Scopes include a Limited Life Time Warranty.  The Tasco Sales Web Site is undergoing a re-make and will be back up in early 2001.

For a free catalog contact:

Tasco Sales Inc.
2889 Commerce Parkway
Miramar, FL 33025

Tel 1-954-252-3600  -  Fax 1-954-252-3705

Web URL: www.tascosales.com

E-mail: [email protected]

Titanium Riflescopes
From Nikon Sports Optics

Nikon’s new Titanium Riflescope Series offer hunters outstanding magnification in a lightweight package.  Both the ocular and objective bells are titanium, providing unexcelled strength and protection for these critical lens elements.  Initially, the new titanium line will be offered in two popular magnification ranges, 3.3-10x44 and the 5.5-16.5x44.  

Both scopes feature oversized 44 mm objective lenses for maximum light transmission at dawn, dusk and in poor visibility conditions. The objective lenses are adjustable, allowing the shooter to remove parallax at any known range from 50 yards to infinity.

Nikon Sports Optics
1300 Walt Whitman Road
Melville, NY 11747-3064

Tel 1-516-547-4200  --  Fax 1-516-547-0309

Web URL: www.nikonusa.com

Law-Lok III Applications



M16 / AR15

Remington 870

Heckler & Koch

New for Police

New from Concept Development Corporation is the LAW-LOK III trigger lock.  Similar to their civilian market SAF-T-BLOK, the Law-Lok is the only trigger lock designed exclusively for law enforcement.  

It features a Level III retention system and is made from high strength anodized aluminum.  Unlike most trigger locks, Law-Lok is designed to be installed on a loaded firearm and uses a standard handcuff key instead of a combination lock which facilitates near instant access. 

With most departments having policies requiring off-duty personnel to lock up their firearms to protect children, to prevent unauthorized access and to limit liability, the Law-Lok III is a simple affordable and effective solution.  

It is available for: Glock, H&K, SIG, S&W, Beretta 92/96, Cougar, AR15/M16 and Remington 870 shotguns.  Look for a consumer model to follow, that uses a different key system.

Law-Loc is priced at $18.95 for quantity 1-10 with substantial discounts for quantity purchases.  Free samples are available for qualified agencies. 

Concept Development Corporation
16610 Laser Drive #5
Fountain Hills, AZ  85268

Phone: 1-800-472-4405  Fax: (480) 836-4435

Web URL: http://www.Firearms-Safety.com

E-mail: [email protected]

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