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Return of the King

SIG Model P210 Perspective
by Marvin V. Stenhammar

P210 History P210 Sport Series P210 Specifications P210 Classics

New: SIG P210 "50th Anniversary" Jubilee Pistols
Page updated: 05 March 2003

SIG Model P210

SIGARMS Inc. of Exeter New Hampshire recently announced the return of their extraordinary Model P210 handgun. Dubbed the P210 Sport Series in the USA, SIG 210's are the gold standard by which other semi-automatic handguns have been measured for generations. They are the flagship of the SIGARMS handgun line. 

Manufactured by SIGARMS affiliate SAN Swiss Arms (formerly SIG Arms International AG) in Neuhausen am Rheinfalls, Switzerland, the P210 has a distinguished history of outstanding accuracy, dependability and superior quality. The craftsmanship, engineering and function are remarkable. More remarkable still as the pistol was initially designed in the 40's and recently celebrated it's 50th birthday. The SIG P210 is simply "King SIG".

Below are some examples of the Exclusive Edition 50 Year Jubilee Models.

P210 Jubilee "Black" P210 Jubilee "Blue" P210 Jubilee "Bronze"

P210 Linage & History

The P210 was originally designed for use by the Swiss military in the mid to late  1940's. The 210 is a direct descendant of the SIG-Petter SP 44 series of prototype  pistols that were intermediate design exercises that bridged the gap between Charles Petter's original M 1935 design and the first SIG SP 47/8 production pistols. Selected by the Swiss Army in 1947 and designated the Pistol M47/8. Now known as the SIG P210, the pistol saw many years of service with several militaries and law enforcement agencies around the world and was favored by competition shooters and firearms collectors alike.

Early military contracts for the M49 (P49) came from the nations of Denmark and Sweden, as well as the Bundesgrenzschutz (Federal Border Guards) of Germany, which adopted the pistol as the Polizei Pistole Model P 210-4. Several variants of the P210 have been produced over the years, some featuring different chamberings including 7.65 mm P or .30 Luger and caliber .22 long rifle. Other variations include micrometer type and other adjustable target sights, drift adjustable sights, target triggers and various frame weights and exterior finishes.  

The 210 is the classic single action auto-loading pistol that established SIG as a leader in firearms engineering and positioned SIGARMS as a global leader in fine arms manufacturing, engineering refinement and quality control. The SIG P210 is one of the most sought-after semi automatic pistols in the world and one of the most respected and admired pistols ever built. The SIG P210 is the epitome of custom craftsmanship at its very best and it continues to be a prized possession of serious target shooters and firearms collectors. 

From its inception, now more than 50 years ago, the entire P210 series have been very distinguished and have earned a reputation worldwide for outstanding accuracy, superior quality and timeless durability. SIGARMS reintroduction of the King of hand guns to the US market makes the SIGARMS hand gun line complete.

P210 History b2.gif (947 bytes) P210 Sport Series b2.gif (947 bytes) P210 Specifications b2.gif (947 bytes) P210 Classics

SIGARMS P210 Sport Series Pistols

For 2001 SIGARMS will produce four different variants of P210. Now called the P210 Sport Series, the new models include the P210-8-9, P210-6-9, P210-5-9 and P210-2-9. The newly produced P210 Sport Series include several options and some completely new features. Most notable is the "American" style lateral frame mounted magazine release on the 210-8 and the reintroduction of the extended barrel P210-5. A brief summary of the P210 Sport Series follows.

Tradition You Can Count On.

Standard Features

There's really nothing standard about the standard features found on the SIGARMS Model P210 Sport Series Pistols. All P210 pistols are individually assembled by highly trained craftsmen. The component tolerances, controls and actions are hand tuned to a standard of performances that is unmatched, even by most custom guns. Thought certainly not  mass produced, the P210 is a factory gun, but with all the refinements and quality of workmanship found only in the very best one-off and custom firearms.

All P210 Sport Series pistols are chambered in 9mm Parabellum. The model 210 is SIG Arms only single-action pistol, and the action functions on the mechanically locked, short-recoil operated, recoil-loading principle with backlash-free locking of the barrel to the slide. The slide rides are the full length guide type that are inside the frame rails, unlike most semi automatic pistols, and unlike all other P series SIG-Sauer handguns.

Unlike the P Series SIG Sauer pistols common in police, self-defense and military circles, model P210's have no decocker. Instead a traditional external safety selector is used.  The safety selector is mounted on the left side of the frame, forward of the left grip panel and positioned so you can work the safety with your thumb. Lever up for safe and thumb it down for fire. The P210 also features an internal magazine safety that prevents are chambered round from being fired unless a magazine is inserted and locked into the mag well which is located in the grip.

Stunning accuracy, rapid readiness, functional safety, precision engineering, walnut grips and a deep blue finish are also standard features. SIGARMS P210 Sport Series pistols come with a hard carry case, an 8 round magazine, a trigger lock, a validation target and a magazine loader. 

Options and Aftermarket Accessories

An optional 22 caliber conversion kit is available for use in rim fire and sub caliber events and for training. .22 caliber allows shooters to shoot in a variety of ranges and competition setting with indoor ranges and even back yard bullet traps. An assortment of adjustable target and high contrast night sights are available as are several variations of fitted and competition type grip panels in both wood and synthetic. A stainless steel recoil damper can be purchased in both standard and magnum. Optional 10 round magazines are also available.

New P210 Dash 9 Sport Series Pistols


The P210-8 is the top of the line pistol in the 210 family. It is built on a heavy steel alloy frame and includes a 4.68 inc match grade target barrel. Most interesting and long requested by SIG nuts every where is the addition of the new "American" style frame mounted lateral magazine release. The "dash 8" is the only 210 with the frame mounted magazine release, all other P210 models, including the classics, feature the heel mounted magazine release. 

SIGARMS P210-8-9 Sport Series Pistol
SIGARMS P210-8-9 Sport Series Pistol
- Click to Enlarge -

The P210-8 delivers exceptional accuracy based on the combination of the full-length guidance between the slide and receiver, the hand tuned controls, a match grade barrel and the heavy steel alloy frame which adds stability and reduces perceived recoil. The Dash 8 features adjustable target sights, a 3 pound trigger with an adjustable trigger stop, a dark blue non glare finish, ergonomic oiled and textured wooden grip plates and a  magazine base pad with a new style finger recurve. 


The P210-6 is also built on a heavy frame but includes standard target sights, wood grip plates and a magazine loader. The target grade trigger action has a shorter travel length and was built on the requirements of competitive type shooting. The serrated front strap allows for surer handling and greater control in competitive situations. Similar in appearance to the dash 8 but built on the European style frame with a heel mounted magazine release.


The P210-5 is built on the heavy frame but features an extended match grade barrel that is 5.9 inches long (one inch longer than the standard 210's). The dash 5 also sports a barrel mounted  compensator. The front target sight is attached to the compensator which increases the sight base to almost 8 inches and improve accuracy. A serrated front strap and wood grip plates complement the competitive styling that also includes adjustable target sights and a target trigger.

P210 Dash 5 Sport
SIG P210-5-9 Sport Series Pistol
With Extended Target Barrel & Compensator
- Click to Enlarge -


The P210-2-9 is the 9 mm Parabellum Swiss Army Service model now with wood grip plates. The Dash 2 is built on a heavy frame with standard sights and a sandblasted finish. The P210-2-9 features all the same level of accuracy and reliability as the other models.  The Dash 2 has the same finish as the Dash 6 but has fixed sights.

SIG P210 Sport Series Dash 6
SIG P210 Sport Series Dash 2
- Click to Enlarge -

Limited Availability

The P210 Sport Series Pistols will be available in very limited quantities due to the high cost and time required for hand crafted production.  Look for the new P210's to start hitting the streets in the USA in April or May of 2001. That gives you time to start saving your pennies and you will need to.  The MSRP for the P210 Sport Series range from $4289 for the Dash 8 down to $1680 for the Dash 2. Expect street prices to range from 3600 to 1350 respectively.  Complete MSRP and additional information on the new Sport Series and Classic P210 pistols is below as is a side by side technical specifications table for the new Sport Series.

SIGARMS P210 Sport Series Pistols are the ultimate refinement of time proven performance. 

The King is back.  Long live the King!


Marvin V. Stenhammar
Certified SIG Nut
Team Gunnery Network

P210 History b2.gif (947 bytes) P210 Sport Series b2.gif (947 bytes) P210 Specifications b2.gif (947 bytes) P210 Classics

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications - P210 Series Sport Pistols

Specifications Mechanically-Locked, Short-Recoil Operated, Semi-Automatic 
Trigger / Action Single-Action Only
Safety Systems Thumb Operated Manual Safety Lever - Magazine Safety
Category Full Sized - Target Match Pistol
Magazine Type Single Column - Spring Loaded with Follower
Magazine Loading Tool
Trigger Lock - Hard Carrying Case
Optional Accessories 10 Round Magazine - Recoil Damper - Sight Pusher
.22 Caliber Conversion Kit - Target Grips (After market)


P210-8-9 P210-6-9 P210-5-9 P210-2-9
Caliber 9mm Luger 9mm Luger 9mm Luger 9mm Luger
Length Overall 8.5 inches 8.5 inches 9.6 inches 8.5 inches
Height Overall 5.4 inches 5.4 inches 5.4 inches 5.4 inches
Width Overall 1.3 inches 1.3 inches 1.3 inches 1.3 inches
Barrel Length 4.8 inches 4.8 inches 5.9 inches 4.8 inches
Rifling Lead 10 inches 10 inches 10 inches 10 inches
Lands & Groves 6 RH 6 RH 6 RH 6 RH
Sight Radius 6.45 inches 6.45 inches 7.95 inches 6.45 inches
Weight w/o Mag 32 oz. 32 oz. 33.9 oz. 32 oz.
Mag Weight 3.1 oz. 3.1 oz. 3.1 oz. 3.1 oz.
Trigger Pull (SA) 3 pounds 3 pounds 3 pounds 3 pounds
Capacity 8 rounds* 8 rounds* 8 rounds* 8 rounds*
Sights Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Fixed**
Finish Blue Blasted Blue Blasted
MSRP $4289 $2089 $2325 $1680
Graphics P210-8-9 P210-6-9*** P210-5-9 P210-2-9


Optional 10 round magazines available.
**  Fixed Sights are Blade Front / Target Notch Rear. Drift Adjustable for Windage.
*** Graphic of Dash 6 is actually a Dash 2.  Same Finish with Adjustable Sights.
Mag = Magazine
RH  = Right Hand Twist
SA = Single Action
mm  = Millimeter
Oz.  = Ounces
9mm Luger = Standard 9mm ( 9 x 19 )
= 9mm Parabellum

Optional Equipment

P210 10 Round Magazine

Stainless Steel Recoil Damper

Contour Synthetic Target Grips

P210 Sight Pusher

P210 History b2.gif (947 bytes) P210 Sport Series b2.gif (947 bytes) P210 Specifications b2.gif (947 bytes) P210 Classics

The Classic P210's
SIG-Sauer P210 9mm Target Match Pistol
SIG P210 Classic Dash 4

Classic P210's

The P210 has a long, mostly European, history. Available in a variety of calibers - 9mm, 7.65 mm P (.30 Luger), and .22 LR - it was never a cheap firearm. The P210 was adopted by the Swiss military in 1949, and designated the Pistole 49. As such, it predates the SIG and J.P. Sauer and Sons collaboration and is properly referred to as a "SIG" rather than as a "SIG Sauer".

Classic P210-5 - long barreled target gun with a barrel mounted front sight

In design, the SIG P210 differs greatly from the modern SIG Sauer Classic P Series. 

SIG Subtleties - The Difference

  • The P210 is single action, like the 1911; [ All other SIG-Sauer handguns are traditional SA/DA (single-action/double-action) or DAO (double-action only).
  • The P210 features an internal magazine safety; a chambered round cannot be fired unless a magazine is inserted in the magazine well located in the grip.
  • The P210 is unique among SIGs in that it has no decocking lever and instead has a thumb safety. Just behind the trigger guard, on the frame (about where any American would expect the magazine release!) is a lever - up for safe and down for fire.
  • The P210's slide rides inside the frame rails rather than outside as with all of the SIG-Sauer handguns.
There are five Classic P210 variants:
  • P210-1 - bright finish and wood grips.
  • P210-2 - matte finish, plastic grips, and a simple "U" shaped rear sight notch.
  • P210-4 - produced for the German Border Police (Bundes Grenze Schutz).
  • P210-5 - long barreled target gun with a barrel mounted front sight.
  • P210-6 - standard length barrel target gun with adjustable sights.
Specifications: Model SIG P210 Classic
Mechanically-Locked, Short-Recoil Operated, Semi-Automatic Target Match Pistol.
Trigger: Single-Action Only
Safety System: Thumb operated manual safety lever, magazine safety.
Caliber: 9 mm Luger (Parabellum) 9x19
22 Long Rifle w/conversion kit installed.
Length: 8.5 inches
Height: 5.4 inches
Width: 1.3 inches
Barrel Length: 4.8 inches
Rifling Twist: 1 in 10 inches
Rifling Grooves: 6
Sights: Blade Front - Target Notch Rear 
Rear is Drift Adjustable for Windage.
Sight Radius: 6.45 inches
Weight w/o Magazine: 32 oz.
Weight, Empty Magazine: 3.1 oz.
Trigger Pull Weight: SA 6.3 lbs.
Magazine Capacity: 8 rounds*
Magazine Type: Single Column - Spring loaded with follower
Standard Accessories: Magazine loading tool & Carrying Case.
Optional Accessories: Extra Magazine.
22 caliber conversion kit.
Finish: P210 available in blue only.
Note: All weights and dimensions are approximate.
Standard American Market Model as Pictured P210 Sport SIG Blue Finish, target grade trigger action, side mounted magazine catch, micrometer sights and wooden grip plates.
Different European Versions Available: P210-2 Swiss Army Service model with sandblasted finish and plastic grip plates.
P210-5 Sandblasted finish, target grade trigger action and 150 mm barrel length. Adjustable micrometer sights.
P 210-6 Sandblasted finish, target grade trigger action and ribbed receiver front strap.
Dash 8 210 Dash 5 210 Dash 2

P210 History b2.gif (947 bytes) P210 Sport Series b2.gif (947 bytes) P210 Specifications b2.gif (947 bytes) P210 Classics

New: SIG P210 "50th Anniversary" Jubilee Pistols

More P210 Classic Graphics

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