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SIG-Sauer P229

Cut Away of P229

Cut Away 2 of P229

SIG P229 - Blackened Stainless Steel Slide & Aluminum Alloy Frame.
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SIG P229 .40 S&W
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Custom SIG P229's
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SIG-Sauer P229 Two Tone

P229 Sport

SIG-Sauer P229S

SIG P229 Sport

Reliability Quality & Accuracy!
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SIG-Sauer P229 - Introduced in 1991 - Frame Made in Germany, slide manufactured and gun assembled in the USA. The P229 is still in production and widely used by Military Units, Special Operations Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies all over the world. The SIG P229 is the modernization result of the P228. It uses the same frame / receiver as the P228 but has a milled stainless steel slide. (The P228 slide is rolled and stamped). 

The P229 is available in 3 calibers; 9 mm, .357 SIG & .40 S&W. This was the first milled slide SIG-Sauer hand gun and also the first 3-caliber model in the American market). The modernized milled slide featured in this model have now been incorporated into the P226 and other models. 

The .357 SIG and .40 S&W barrels and magazines are interchangeable. An after market 9 mm barrel can also be dropped in the caliber .357/40 gun. 357/40 barrels will not fit in the 9 mm version so you must buy either the .357 SIG or 40 S&W for a 3 caliber capable gun.

SIG's Engineered Reliability, Simplicity of Operation, Instant Readiness and the Compact-Sized with extremely comfortable handling characteristics have made the P229 a top choice among Military and Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the world.

The P229 is a Compact Frame, Semi-Automatic Pistol. The unique Decocking Lever and Patented Automatic Firing Pin Lock allows the hammer to be Safely Lowered with a round in the Chamber and eliminates the need for an External Safety.

The P229 comes with High Contrast, Low Profile Combat Sights (Bar-Dot) 3 Dot Sights or with the optional SIGLite "Trijicon" 3 dot Night Sights, Black Plastic Stippled Stocks; Standard SIG Blue/Black Finish, with optional Two Tone, and Nickel Finishes available. SIG categorizes this handgun as "Compact Sized" and It is one of the best handling and concealable SIG Pistols. 

It has rapidly becoming the choice of Federal Agencies and Law Enforcement Organizations around the world. In addition to the 229, the .357 SIG is rapidly becoming one of the most Popular if not the most popular cartridge for use in Law Enforcement, Personal Protection & Home Defense and Military Special Operations Units.

Specifications: SIG-Sauer P229 Mechanically-Locked, Recoil-Operated, Semi-automatic Compact Pistol.
Trigger: Double-Action /Single-Action or Double-Action Only.
Safety System: Patented automatic firing-pin lock.
Caliber: 9 mm Luger - .357 SIG - .40 S&W
Length: 7.1 inches
Height: 5.4 inches
Width: 1.5 inches
Barrel Length: 3.9 inches
Rifling Twist: 9 mm 1 in 10 inches
.357 SIG 1 in 16 inches
.40 S&W1 in 15 inches

Weight w/o magazine: 27.5 oz.
Weight, empty
magazine: 3.0 oz.

Rifling Grooves: 6
Sight Radius: 5.7 inches
Trigger Pull Weight: DA 12 lbs - SA 4.5 lbs.
Magazine Capacity / Type: 9 mm 10 rounds*
357SIG/40S&W 10 rounds**
*13-round 9 mm magazines available for law enforcement personnel only.
**12-round 357/40 magazines available for law enforcement personnel only.
Note Hi Caps ***Pre Ban Hi Capacity magazines are available in 13/12 rounds - 9mm/357-40
Optional Accessories: Sight pusher, wood grips, extra magazines, cleaning kit, SIGLITE night sights, 3-Dot sights, short trigger, carrying case.
Finish: Available in Blackened Stainless Steel or Two-Tone.
Note: All weights and dimensions are approximate.

SIG SAUER P229 Sport

SIG-SAUER P229S " Sport" in .357 SIG

The SIG-Sauer P229S or "Sport" is also available.

Specifications: SIG-Sauer P229S "Sport Target Pistol"
Mechanically locked, recoil-operated semi-automatic, vented Compensator, available in .357 SIG only, Double-Action - Single-Action, Stainless Steel Frame and Slide, Adjustable Target Sights, Changeable Magazine Release, Heavy Match Barrel for Improved Accuracy, and Extended Slide Catch and Magazine Release. Includes Special Sport Case.

Caliber: .357 SIG Only
Length: 8.6 inches
Height: 5.4 inches
Width: 1.5 inches
Barrel Length: 4.8 inches
Sight Radius: 6.9 inches
Weight w/o Magazine: 46.7 oz.
Weight, Empty Magazine: 3.0 oz.
Trigger Pull Weight: DA 10 lbs - SA 2.2 lbs.
Magazine capacity/type: 10 round, double column
Optional Accessories: Extra magazines, Cleaning kit, Short Trigger. Case is included with gun.
Note: All weights and dimensions are approximate.

Product # P229-357-SPORT

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Written By Frank James

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