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SIG P226 Armourers Manual
Zip & PDF File Format
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The online PDF files include the complete SIG P226 Manual and Instructions for Armourers. Including Complete Disassembly and Reassemble of the SIG Sauer Auto Loading Pistol Model P226. You can also download the manual in Zip format.  WinZip or a Zip compatible file extracting program is need to uncompress the "Zipped" files.

Although this manual only covers the SIG Sauer Model P226, the operating principles are the same for all the Classic P Series SIG Pistols P220 - P225 - P245 - P226 - P228 - P229.

Do not attempt to disassemble the SIG Sauer Pistol without proper training and tools or a serous malfunction and damage to the pistol or the user may occur.  You should also be aware that a spare parts inventory needs to be on hand prior to disassembly, so you can replace the roll pins springs and or any damaged parts.

Factory SIG Sauer parts are available from SIG Arms at or from Numrich - Gun Parts Inc. at URL:

Gunnery Network accepts no responsibility for any problems, damages or injuries that may occur from the use of this manual.  The manual is published for information and reference only.  Don't be a dummy, if you are not a trained Armourer or otherwise competent and qualified to disassemble a SIG, please leave it to a professional.

"There is nothing worse than getting a click when you need a bang"

  - Marv Stenhammar

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The PDF File is in 3 parts for faster loading.  You can just click on TOC [Table of Contents] and the SIGA and SIGB files will be called up and displayed when you select an area in the TOC that is in the respective file.  You can also go to the A or B file and click on TOC to get back tot the Table of Contents.

SIG Sauer P226 Armourers Manual

Table of Contents - TOC.pdf

Part A - SIG-Sauer P226 Armourers Manual  - SIGA.pdf

Part B - SIG P226 Armourers Manual - SIGB.pdf 

*WinZip Version -

SIG Sauer Classic "P" Series Owners Manual - PDF Format.

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You can also download all 3 of the files in ZIP format for use on your local computer.  I recommend you extract or unzip the files into a sub directory or folder on your hard drive named SIG i.e. C:\My Documents\SIG  - From there just click on the PDF file named TOC.pdf and it will run the manual using Adobe Acrobat Reader. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view PDF files.

The Complete file in ZIP format for downloading -

Get WinZip 8.0 -

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