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New SIGArms P221?
SIG P221
SIG Arms P221 - A High Capacity SIG in .45 ACP?

Sorry SIG Fans
The Report in "Guns & Weapons For Law Enforcement" was simply wrong.

SIG fans and .45 ACP lovers your dreams for a High Capacity .45 SIG will not come true.  This model will not be produced.  Reports were made public in early 2001 that SIGArms of Exeter New Hampshire would introduce a new .45 ACP High Capacity Semi-Automatic pistol based on the venerable SIG P220.  This report was not from SIGArms and I have verified that there is no plan to make  P221.

Facts upon Facts

What was confirmed, is that SIGArms had developed a "Prototype" and that it will not be further developed.  The rest of the 'Guns & Weapons For Law Enforcement" magazine article made certain assumptions that should not be considered as factual.

Great Linage, Based on the Best  -  P220 the Beginning of All Things SIG

Great Linage

The P221 had great linage as it was based on the full frame, full firepower .45 ACP sidearm that set the standard against which all others are measured.  Based on the famous SIG-Sauer P220, which was Introduced in 1975, and still in wide use by Law Enforcement Agencies and SIG-Sauer shooters all over the United States.  The modern SIGArms pistol story began with the P220. 

The SIG P220 is generally recognized as one of “the most accurate .45s right out of the box,” it has earned an enviable combat record in hot spots around the world.  Easy to operate and maintain, professionals who carry it especially appreciate two of its many safety features: the decocking lever and patented automatic firing pin safety block, which eliminates the need for an external manual safety and allows the pistol to be always ready for use.  It is also one of the most controllable and accurate .45s available.

SIG P221 Prototype Features

Superb accuracy, minimal reaction time, optimal stopping power and reliability make the SIG P221 a dependable companion in any type of situation.

  • "Full Capacity" Semi-Automatic Pistol in caliber .45 ACP.
  • The P 221 is similar to the P 220, making training or transition simple.
  • Suitable as a comfortable "Duty Gun" or concealed carry weapon.
  • Simple takedown procedure which requires no tools.
  • All SAAMI tests passed without a hitch.
  • Wide availability of caliber .45 ACP ammunition for defense & training.
  • Finish: Black (Nitron - Illaflon) or Stainless.
  • Magazine: stainless with plastic elements.
  • New concept grips plates.
  • Magazine catch can be mounted on right or left.
  • Barrel made of corrosion resistant steel.
  • SIG Safety System:
    - Automatic firing pin lock
    - Decocking lever
    - Safety intercept notch
    - Takedown lock
    - Takedown only with slide open

3rd SIG .45

The P221 would have made 3 SIG's in .45 ACP, when for almost 25 years, the SIG P220 was the only .45 ACP SIG.  In 1999 the new Medium sized SIG P-245 was released.   It is also based on the P220, but the P245 took the other direction and instead of expanding the grip size and magazine capacity, the P245 was chopped and came in as the SIG "Compact" caliber .45 ACP.

SIG P245
The 2nd Caliber .45 ACP SIG - Model P245

SIG's Engineered Reliability, Simplicity of Operation, Instant Readiness and the Full-Size and chambering for .45 ACP have made the SIG P220 and now the P245 one of the most successful big bore combat pistols ever produced.  

The 4th SIG .45?

Rumors have been rife over a polymer framed SIG Pro chambered in .45 ACP with a likely model number of SP2045.  That poly-framed pistol is still a strong possibility, but it is not the same rumor as the P221 story.  The SIG Pro 2045 would be positioned as the durable and affordable Law Enforcement pistol as well as a gun for the entry level of the market.

We will keep you posted on the SIG Pro P2045 as news breaks.

More to follow...

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