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Commo Center - Gunnery Network SOF - Signals

External Contacts:

To facilitate the effective transmission of messages & correspondence that are best answered by external contacts and to ensure that your e- mail and correspondence receives a prompt and accurate answer from the appropriate authorities, we have provided some external contacts for your consideration.

For questions concerning recruiting:

  • Want to know about joining SF?

    Go to Army Recruiters On-Line or find a local Army Recruiter.
  • Send an E-Mail message to SORD

    Special Operations Recruiting Detachment
    Fort Bragg, N.C. 28309

    E-Mail: [email protected].
For questions concerning entry-level training:
  • Want detailed information about SFQC and SFAS?

    Go to SORD - Special Operations Recruiting Detachment's 

    Web URL: http://www.goarmy.com/job/branch/sorc/
  • Telephone Contacts: 

    First Special Warfare Training Group (Airborne)
    Fort Bragg, North Carolina

    Tel: (910) 432-6137  -  DSN: 239-6137
    Fax (910) 396-1839  -  DSN: 236-1839.
For questions concerning advanced Special Forces training to include SERE, Combat Diver/SCUBA, Sniper, Target Interdiction and HALO/HAHO - Military Free Fall Parachute training: For information on locating individuals: For a copy of the "Ballad of the Green Berets":
    Contact the JFK Special Warfare Museum
    Attn: Gift Shop
    P.O. Box 70060
    Fort Bragg, N.C. 28307
    Tel: (910) 436-2366, DSN 239-4272/1533
    Fax: (910) 436-4062

Internal Contacts:

Should you have specific questions about this web site, our network or other communications issues, please use the internal contacts listed below.

Web URL: http://www.GunneryNetwork.com

For A Personal Perspective:

If you want to ask my opinion about Special Operations Forces or on Special Forces training, assignments, joining SF, SOF units, or other non-classified SOF related issues, I will do my best to provide you with my personal perspective.  Please be advised that I retired (medically) in the grade of E-8 Master Sergeant back in 1992 after serving on jump status for 15 years.

Contact me directly by any of the following means:

E-Mail: [email protected]  Tel: 1-541-487-4902

About the Author:

I was fortunate to have served with several Airborne and Special Operations units during my military carrier. 

My units of assignment and attachment include: 

  • Recon Platoon, CSC, 2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment
    101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Ft. Campbell Ky.
  • 1st Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Detachment Europe)
    Bad T�lz, Federal Republic of Germany
  • C Company / HHC 2nd Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
  • G-3 Air Special Operations Command (SOCOM)
    Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
  • Signal Detachment Special Operations Command South (SOCSouth) Albrook Air Force Base, Panama.
  • C Company 3rd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group
    Fort Davis, Panama.
  • B Company (SOLCA) 112th Special Operations Signal (SOS) Battalion Fort Bragg, North Carolina
  • Signal Detachment Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)
    Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina.
  • SOLCA-7 / SOT-A 5th Special Forces Group, (Forward) (Attached) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Kuwaiti Theater of Operations (KTO).
  • Special Operations Command Central (SOCCENT)
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Kuwaiti Theater of Operations (KTO) & Northern Iraq.
  • Army Special Operations Command (ASOC)
    Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

For corrections, suggested additions, or broken links:

Send comments to: [email protected]


This page is an unofficial document and does not represent information endorsed by the United States Government, the United States Special Operations Command or the United States Army Special Operations Command. However, most information is derived from those sources and has been checked for accuracy. For comments, questions, and suggestions, please go to the Communications Center.

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