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U.S. Army Special Forces
"The Green Berets"

Duke "Bull Dog"

John Wayne in 'The Green Berets.'

The Man. That voice. That walk. That craggy grin.

Thousands have imitated the Duke. But his impact has never been duplicated. John Wayne taught a generation of men how to stand tall, how to give a kiss, and how to take a punch.

From the top of his dusty cowboy hat to the soles of his boots, John Wayne embodied the American frontier spirit like no one before or since.

Unflinchingly brave, uncompromisingly fair, the Duke became a role model -- an icon of what it meant to be a real man.

Conventional wisdom has it that Wayne was married to the Western, but the facts say otherwise. Duke made at least 93 films between 1928 and 1976. Only 31 of them were Westerns.

The Movie

Movie Synopsis: Wayne stars as a Special Forces Colonel, leading his troops against the enemy in Vietnam. Lots of good info on Special Forces, including a "Gabriel" demonstration at Fort Bragg, as well as realistically depicted fire base operations, patrols, and raids.

Major Cast: John Wayne, Aldo Ray, David Jansen, George Takei.

When asked to comment on the movie "The Green Berets," John Wayne said: 'The left-wingers are shredding my flesh, but like Liberace, we're bawling all the way to the bank."

Click for sound bite from the movie: "Out here due process is a bullet!"


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