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U.S. Army Special Forces
"The Green Berets"

Special Operations Advanced Skills

JFK Special Warfare Center & School -
Advanced Skills Department  (JFK SWC)

The Special Operations Advanced Skills Department offers training in additional skills necessary in special operations, including military freefall parachuting, underwater operations, target Interdiction strategic reconnaissance, and operations and intelligence.

Military Freefall Course

The Military Freefall Course offers training in military freefall techniques in a course in which students learn to maneuver their parachutes with pinpoint accuracy, making as many as 35 individually-graded jumps. A number of these jumps are made from altitudes high enough to require oxygen equipment.

Underwater Operations Course

The Underwater Operations Branch. located in Key West, Fla, offers three courses necessary for Special Forces diving operations. The Combat Diver's Course teaches students the use of open-and closed-circuit SCUBA equipment, underwater search techniques and long-range underwater compass swims, as well as medical and physical aspects of underwater diving.

The Combat Diver's Supervisor Course gives divers training beyond that of the combat diver, including work in para-scuba and submarine operations. Course graduates are qualified to supervise any type of military dive. The Diving Medical Technician Course encompasses diagnosis and treatment of diving injuries, including operation of the recompression chamber.

Target Interdiction Course

The Target Interdiction Course gives selected soldiers training in skills they may need to deliver precise rifle fire from concealed positions in support of special operations missions. Training includes marksmanship, observation techniques, concealment and camouflage.

Strategic Reconnaissance Course

The Strategic Reconnaissance Course trains students in advanced technical procedures necessary for special operations reconnaissance missions. The course covers such matters as communications, concealment, intelligence collection, medical emergency and sustainment procedures, and day and night recon operations. The course ends with a field training exercise.

Operations and Intelligence Course

The Special Forces Operations and Intelligence Course qualifies the graduate for assignment as a Special Forces detachment's intelligence NCO. The course is also a prerequisite for promotions to senior NCO rank held by detachment sergeants and Special Forces group staff NCOs. The intelligence students learn to employ specialized intelligence techniques required by the Special Forces' role and mission.

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